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AguaVape Review

The AguaVape e-cig is a newly launched brand. It caters more for the retail market with packaging which suit that market. In short, it’s cheap, and it feels it too.

AguaVape ReviewThe AguaVape e-cig starter kit comes in a very simple plastic packaging with an inlay card. The packaging is more for over the counter transaction where the buyer is able to see the contents before making a purchase. The following minimal pieces are contained:-

1    Battery

1     Cartridge

1     Atomiser

1     USB charger

There is only one battery in this kit which feels slightly inferior in quality compared to other brands. The white battery has the appearance of a “real cigarette” which would appeal to those to have just switched to e-cigs. Although it feels cheap, it performs quite well when taking a drag. Like all other small batteries, this one gives a moderate vaper about 1½ hours of vaping time. This e-cig is not suitable for heavy users as the battery does not last long and needs to be charged for about 2 hours. Therefore you will not be able to get your nicotine fix while it is charging unless you have a spare. Agua Vape offers another kit which has 2 batteries.

On the whole, the battery performs as well as other brands with the same duration between charges. However it does not have the quality feel like most other brands.

The Aguavape e-cigs has only 2 flavours; menthol (16mg nicotine strength) and tobacco (11mg & 16mg nicotine strength). There should have been a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to cater to the various consumer needs. The nicotine strengths available will suit the beginners.

Agua Vape KitThe 3 piece design, consisting of battery, atomiser and micro tank (cartridge), is not the best design for a mini e-cigs. Most e-cigs come in 2 pieces; battery and cartomiser; thus simplifying the vaping experience. The micro tank, which holds the e-liquid, is of substandard quality.

The Menthol flavour was agreeable with the right amount cool minty aftertaste and vapour volume and throat hit. The Tobacco was mediocre compared to other brands as the throat hit was too subtle.

All in all, the flavours and nicotine strengths offered were very limited. The micro tank feels quite flimsy. There should be better selection of flavours and nicotine strength.

In conclusion, the Agua Vape E-cig does not meet the standard set by other brands offering the same products. Even though it is reasonably priced, with a little extra spent on other brands, you will get far better value for money.