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Refilling Your E-Cigarette

cartomiser imageElectronic cigarettes come in two forms; disposable and refillable. If you have opted for a disposable type of electronic cigarette, you don’t really need to read this article right now. But once you start using electronic cigarettes regularly you’ll have to move over to refillable e-cigs as it just makes a lot more financial sense in the long run. If you are already there, read on.

The refillable e-cigs can be refilled either by using a Cartomiser or manually using e-liquids. Both these methods have different benefits and it all depends on what type of e-cigs you have.


cartomizersCartomisers are the pre-filled tips that you can attach to the battery compartment. They come in different flavours and nicotine strengths. Some cartomisers contain an atomiser within them while other designs have the atomiser attached to the battery and the cartomiser just contains the e-liquid.

The benefit of choosing a cartomiser design is that it is relatively less fiddly than the e-liquid design. This can be good for those who don’t like to refill the liquid manually. But the drawback is that you can’t mix flavours to suit your personal preference.

My recommendation is to go for GreenSmoke if you want a good choice of flavours and a decent quality of cartomisers. They have a “16 Pack Long Lasting Cartomiser Special” offer on their website which is handy to save some money by buying in bulk.


e-liquid refillE-Liquid comes in small bottles and is meant for more advanced users of the e-cigarette. It allows you to mix up different flavours and nicotine strengths to suit your own personal preference. You can increase the strength if you are a hard smoker. You can also use e-liquids of different brands in case you prefer the e-cig of one but the flavour of another.

E-Liquid gives you a lot of options but it also means more work in refilling the e-cigarette every time it gets over. It can be messy and the e-cigs of this design are also bigger and don’t feel much like the traditional cigarettes. But when it comes to economy there is nothing more economical than e-liquids. If you are a regular smoker, using e-liquids will even be cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes!

In the end the choice is yours as to which type of design you use and which brand of cartomiser or e-liquid you use. Here are a few brands with special offers for both e-liquids and cartomisers.