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Can Technology Go Too Far With E-Cigs?

I believe so.

smokioI have been reading more and more stuff lately about electronic cigarettes being designed to work with other devices, for example by bluetooth. In that case it is claimed that ecig users could connect to each other via their ecigs. How or why the hell anyone would want to do that is beyond me, but then I have never been a huge Facebook addict like many of my friends, maybe I am just weird (NO COMMENTS PLEASE!).

The idea of connecting one ecig to another is dangerous as well in my humblest of opinions. It just feels wrong to me. We need to be careful that these devices do not get confused with iPhones or Google Glasses, as some sort of status symbol which people can impress their friends with. Remember folks, this is an addiction-based invention, it helps smokers quit smoking, and helps other smokers smoke in a more socially acceptable way, perhaps in addition to their tobacco use. I know several people who use electronic cigarettes as well as tobacco cigarettes. My Aunty for example, smokes heavily. But she is a nurse, and when she is on the ward it’s a long way to go for a smoke outside, across the car park, into a smelly old shelter which leaks when it rains. For her, popping to the cafe for a coffee, and standing just outside the main doors (as she does, don’t think she has to though) is much more convenient for her. And yes of course it also reduces her tobacco smoke intake, but in some cases it also increases her intake of nicotine generally. I am not saying that’s a bad or good thing, it’s just proof that electronic cigarettes are not JUST devices people use as an alternative to tobacco.

ecigs technologyBut these technological advances, and more accurately, marketing gimmicks, are beginning to worry me. I have read about suggestions that some companies are designing an ECig which doubles as a PHONE for God’s sake! Do we not have enough phones already?! I have heard about e-cigs which will communicate wirelessly with an iphone or smartphone app, which logs the usage and re-orders nicotine refills or cartomisers automatically on the fly. To me, this is just insane. Is it so hard to just watch your stock pile and order some online like we all do regularly and without any problems? I can see the attraction for marketers though, clearly any device which takes over your ordering for you, has to make more money for the companies peddling such products.

Finally I heard the most scary thing to date…… suggesting Big Tobacco is getting in on the idea. This worries me more than all the other ideas put together.

e-cigarettesTechnology is great, we all use it every single day. Electronic cigarettes are great too in my view. But trying to make them painfully advanced so they become more than just an e-cig, that is a recipe for risk in my opinion, and could lead to children and adults carrying them around simply to show off their ownership of the “latest” or “cleverist” device, much like the iPhone generation are doing.

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