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Review Of Clearsmoke E-Cigarettes

clearsmokeClearSmoke electronic cigarettes have been on the UK market for a few years now. They have moved on to the newer two piece design now and their products are slowly getting better. Customer reviews have been mixed for ClearSmoke and in the review I’ll point out clearly the positives and the negatives of ClearSmoke


ClearSmoke kit has an impressive black coloured box that has a magnetic lid. It contains 1 USB charger, 2 batteries and 4 cartridges. The battery lasts as long as most other electronic cigarette brands. The vapour produced is also adequate and you won’t be left feeling like you are sucking just air.

A light at the tip of the battery illuminates when you take a puff and also acts as a warning light for when the battery is about to die. Tobacco, Marlboro and Cherry flavours are offered in four different nicotine strengths of 0, 12, 18 and 24 milligrams.


clearsmoke imageSadly for ClearSmoke the negatives outweigh the positives. The biggest negative is that the quality of their e-cig is not very high. It feels cheap to hold and handle. The quality leaves you wanting especially when compared to better brands. On top of this they are also slightly overpriced. There are better e-cigs available in the market for lower prices.

There is no personal charging case provided which means that the portability of this kit is low. The flavours are good but very limited in choice. One problem many customers have complained about is that the cartridges leak the e-liquid. It will make your fingers smell like the e-liquid which you don’t want.

clear smoke imageThey offer a “trial offer” in which they’ll send you a starter kit for free and you’ll just have to pay the postage and handling. But beware because there are many conditions related to this offer. First of all the postage and handling is high. Secondly you need to return the kit within 15 days otherwise you’ll be charged the full price. You’ll also have to pay postage while returning the kit. Also, you have to contact the customer care services to let them know that you are returning the kit. If you don’t inform them, they won’t accept the kit and charge the full price even if you return it within 15 days.

There is also a fine print in the trial kit that says that if the trial is not cancelled in 15 days, they’d send a top up kit and charge £59.95 for it. So be sure to return the kit and inform the customer support that you are cancelling the trial as soon as you’ve tried their kit; unless of course you are satisfied with it and want to continue using their products.

Such conditional offers and the low quality of the products have left many customers unhappy.


In the end I must say that ClearSmoke has been making slow progress since it started but it still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with the established brands.



Also, be wary of their terms and conditions. You have to contact customer services within 15 days if you want to return the kit you get on a “Trial Offer”, otherwise you are charged the full price even if you return it within 15 days.

I received an email from Julie S, a recent customer of ClearSmoke who was unhappy with her experience. Her email is shown below, perhaps even more caution than I first suggested should be used with this brand?

Customer Image Sent to us“Thought I’d update you. I got a starter kit from ClearSmoke, free + £7.95 postage.  It arrived today (looks ok, haven’t tried it yet) – on the delivery note, in minuscule print was a warning that if I didn’t cancel “the trial” within 15 days of the date of the order I’d be charged £59.95 for a top up kit.
I phoned and cancelled immediately and received an email confirmation which had a link to confirm the cancellation.  That page had another link to confirm the cancellation and instructions to send back the starter kit in 15 days.  So more postage to pay!
Here’s a pic of the kit and delivery note – thought you might be interested :)”

Thanks Julie, it’s people doing what you did here and letting people like me know, that will not only warn other people before they fall for the same “trick” but also it will help force companies to cease using these types of aggressive marketing techniques. We can only hope!