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My Favourite UK E-Cigarette

best buy imageFor several years I have been trialling and reviewing as many e-cigs as I could get my hands on! I am based in the UK so it may not be possible to get hold of all the brands available worldwide, but I will do my best to ensure that anyone visiting this site will leave armed with all the information they need to decide which is the best model for them, as it really is a very personal choice. What’s good for me may not be good for you, not only is taste an extremely subjective topic, but so are all the other issues of cost and what form your ideal device takes, how much it weighs etcetera.

But since you are here to find out what I deem the best UK brand… I should probably give you my opinion….

E-Cigarette Direct is my favourite UK brand for both quality and value for money, to see their latest special offers visit their site where you can also find a lot more information about vaping, the law (UK only), political and social issues and much more. It’s a vibrant community, much more than just an e-cigarette manufacturer, and this is something else which sets it apart from most vendors.

There are many different kinds of devices to choose from, giving buyers some difficult decisions early on. First things first, if you are brand new to vaping, you need to choose between disposable and refillable E-Cigs. This is mainly decided based on cost and personal circumstances, for example can you charge yours easily at work? Do you have a desk job or an outside job where you want something light and easy to carry? Are you a light or heavy smoker/vaper?

The costs of disposables are higher than the refillable ones, but they are also more convenient and a lot less hassle to use. Arming yourself with all the information you can will help you to make the right choice and avoid wasting your money and ending up with a desk drawer full of old models and ones you don’t use and don’t like, that’s what I did and it cost me a pretty penny!

Next, you have a whole raft of choices to make about the colour and style of your ideal device. They can be silver, similar to a smart pen. They can be white with a white filter to mimic a real cigarette of the menthol variety. They can be more traditionally designed, looking much like a Marlboro tobacco cigarette for example, they can be black, or you can even get e-cigars with Cuban flavoured e-liquid for the posh types among you! The choices really are limitless, so it’s best to start with something cheap and simple, but of a decent standard.

choices of ecigsYou can choose between the weights ranging from super light disposables to heavy weight long-lasting refillables which are rechargeable and designed for long-term or heavy users who want to invest more money at the start, but probably seeking to gain savings over the long haul. Every vaper I have met has not spent more than a few months on disposables before seeing the light and the financial sense of moving over to refillables. It really does offer a significant financial saving for all but the lightest vapers.

The feel of your device is another varied area where you need to make a choice. Some feel papery like a traditional tobacco cigarette, but others can be made of aluminium and have a very sleek but heavy feel, similar to an expensive fountain pen. Obviously nobody can make these kinds of choices for you, so try to talk to people in the street as often as you can. Most vapers I meet are really keen to talk about them and explain the pros and cons of their particular device type or brand, this information can save a small fortune before you invest in your first one yourself.

Price is another topic worthy of some careful thought before taking the plunge as prices range massively between the many different styles of devices. From cheap boxes you can get at your local shop, to gold-plated varieties for the showy characters out there! Not only is there a price consideration to take into account but you also need to consider the costs of the consumables which come with the particular brand. Just like home inkjet printers, they can often appear very cheap to buy at the outset, but the running costs and replacement consumables can mount up rapidly.

Finally…. if you happened across my blog because you have only just heard about e-cigs, you are not alone, far from it! Many people in the UK are still not fully up to speed on these things. You might want to learn a bit about the history and background before going further, if so have a read of this article which is a nice basic introduction for newbies.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it helps you make the right choices. Enjoy your e-cigs and feel free to contact me if you have any vaping questions.
my favourite ecigSmokers Halo (E-Cigarette Direct)

This is a fantastic brand based in Wales here in the UK. Hooray! With many raving customers from all corners of the UK, I have no hesitation in calling this my favourite e-cig brand, not just because they are UK-based.

E-Cigarette Direct make extremely high quality products. They also work extremely well, the batteries last a very long time (unlike some others) and their flavour choices are about as wide and varied as you could ever want under one company banner.

Halo EcigsThis is one of the newer brands but it’s growing very fast in the UK as people increasingly want to “shop local” to save on fossil fuels and general wear and tear on the planet, a good thing too in my opinion.

Smoker's Halo imageTheir website isn’t quite as slick and well laid-out as the bigger brands, but there is no doubt that this e-cig company is going places fast and it will certainly catcSmoker's Halo imageh up as it grows. (Edit: It’s just been revamped, and it’s now up there with the best modern sites out there.)

  • Very simple 2-part design avoiding all the hassle of cartomisers
  • Some models are the best priced devices you will find anywhere in the UK
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • Fantastic referral program. Earn money just by telling friends about them
  • Nice selection of accessories which are practical and well-made
  • As far as value for money goes, almost certainly the best UK-based e-cig brand
  • Many different nicotine strengths
  • Easy to find refills, widely available in UK shops, plus some great online offers
  • Probably the nicest tobacco flavour juice of all the brands I have tried
  • haloExcellent customer support right here in lovely Britain!

Visit E-CigaretteDirect Website


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