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E-Hookah versus Shisha Pens

E-Hookah or E-Shisha PipeBoth electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs are becoming popular amongst young adults and sadly children too these days.

Many people are picking up the habit for various reasons, ranging from trying to fit in with peer groups, to just  weaning off of their nicotine addiction.

The electronic cigarette is sometimes the answer to nicotine addicts who have faced bans from smoking in public and are seeking a more socially acceptable way of getting their nicotine doses. Now there is the electronic hookah to apparently meet the needs of the hookah addicts. These two gadgets are similar in many ways but have crucial differences.

Innovators have come up with healthier alternatives to meet the needs and wants of users of the cigarette and hookah. These traditional and cumbersome items may soon become less sought after or desireable with the creation of more modern replacements.

E-cigarettes cater mainly to nicotine addicts or former tobacco cigarette smokers.  It is designed to provide nicotine minus the hazardous ingredients associated with traditional tobacco products. While an e-shisha or shisha pen delivers the tantalizing essences to users minus the smoke and tobacco, they also bring fruity and adventurous flavours.

The e-cig and e-shisha look similar but can easily be differentiated. The e-cig aspires to either look like a traditional cigarette or the other extreme, a high tech gadget. The basic model of the e-cig ensures users convenience and simplicity.

The e-hookah is not limited to replicating its predecessor. They do not have to look the same. Makers have a free hand on design here. They are made to look sleeker, elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Their colors correspond with the flavors they carry; yellow for lemon, red for strawberry, green for apple and purple for grape.

Hookah PenThe energy shisha is designed to cater to caffeine addicts but is not made to look like a coffee mug! It is a healthier option for anyone who needs the caffeine hit minus the calories. It offers caffeine junkies the pleasures of caffeine without the sugars and acids found in energy drinks.

The energy shisha stick and the e-cig vary in the way they work. This technical difference enables the e-shisha to produce over 300 puffs which is equivalent to about 15 energy drinks. However, the disposable e-cig may not provide similar amount of puffs even with manufacturers’ assurance. There are e-cigs that offer a higher performance level that matches the e-shisha but these are more expensive.

The e-shisha provides the user with a stronger flavor that comes with larger cloud of smoke. Those preferring the smoking option would find the e-shisha more satisfying. However, the e-cig is for those who just need a quick hit. It is the quick fix, and not the whole peripheral experience that drives e-cig users.

Even with the similarities, their respective e-juice contains different ingredients that are made to suit the devices’ capabilities. The e-shisha’s juice contains molasses and honey that may destroy the atomizer or cartomizer found in the e-cig. The e-liquid of each device may not be interchangeable so don’t go thinking you can swap them for fun, as it could be a costly mistake!