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Explosion Risk Of E-Cigs

I have had a couple of reports from e-cigarette users about very hot devices. Thankfully nobody yet has had one which exploded or turned into a fireball, as has occasionally been reported in the press over the past year or two.

More importantly I have not heard of any of the major brands blowing up in people’s faces, so maybe there is a lesson here, don’t buy at junk prices and expect anything but junk!

I read about Chantz Mondragon and his experience in the US where an e-cig he was charging spontaneously ignited, burning right through his bed and luckily not burning the house down, although it did significant damage to his legs and feet with some nasty looking second degree burns. Scary stuff indeed!

Chantz was featured on a TV news piece about this issue, and I have included a clip of it below if for no other reason than to make sure you realise just how much damage one of these modern battery cells can do to you, don’t underestimate these things!



From everything I have read and heard, there are two very simple rules for avoiding this happening to you:

1. Do not buy cheap unbranded electronic cigarettes.

2. Do NOT charge your device with ANYTHING BUT the manufacturer-approved charging plug, and cables.

E-Cig Explosion InjuriesThe second rule is probably the most important, but following both should keep you out of harm’s way, hopefully anyway! What people don’t realise is that modern devices use extremely powerful batteries, no matter how small they may appear to the eye.

These batteries are like miniature bombs, and they should ALWAYS be used with a REGULATED charger. This means a charger which automatically checks the voltage in the cell it is charging, and once it hits a certain level, the charging current is turned off, automatically. This applies to all types of batteries, but electronic cigarettes in particular.

Stay safe, always use the proper charger and always buy good quality e-cigs!

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