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Free Trials & Starter Kits

ecig starter packA few years ago there were only a handful of companies offering electronic cigarettes but today the industry has exploded with many brands coming up and competing with each other. This competition is good for the consumers as it drives the companies to deliver their best products at the least possible price.

In order to attract customers most brands have started many offers and schemes that let the users try out their e-cigs for a very low price. Companies are willing to even take a loss with their first offer because they know that if the customer likes their product they’ll come back for more.

Some companies offer free trials while others offer starter packs priced at an insanely low price. These starter packs and free trials are a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are new to electronic cigarettes or those who want to try out a new brand. You can experience a brand’s products without having to invest a lot of money. In this way you can get a sense of the brand’s quality and flavours and you don’t need to make a serious financial commitment to the brand.

The companies don’t mind offering such incentives because they know that if you like their brand you’ll become a repeat customer who regularly buys refills and e-liquids.

With every brand offering a starter pack or free trial it can be hard to choose. You should be especially careful while trying the free trials as some of them have specific terms and conditions that bind you to make a purchase if you don’t return the trial pack in a given period of time.

To help you choose, I’ll be writing about the best starter packs on this page. You should come back to this page often as I’ll be updating it with new offers as and when they come up.