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FreshCig Starter Kit Review

Please Note: This brand has been discontinued

fresh cig reviewFreshcig is a newcomer to the world of e-cig. This UK based family business, formed in 2011, hopes to provide a quality alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are popular in the local stores having over 100 stock locations across the UK.

The Freshcig 150 starter kit comes in a packaging similar to the traditional cigarette box. This cardboard ‘cigarette style’ carton contains the following:-

1    190 mAh battery

5    16mg Cartomisers

1     USB Charger

The battery design is similar to the traditional cigarette which is important as beginners normally prefer something similar looking to help with the transition. The battery is sturdy and feels smooth. The battery activates instantaneously when you take a drag. The power button will not be activated when there any unexpected movements or if it is windy.

Due to the size of the battery, it only has a 190 mAh capacity. Therefore it will not last the day, like most mini e-cigs you need to keep a spare. A moderate vaper can get about 2 hours of complete vaping with this type of battery, after re-charging 3 times, and it takes about 3 hours to recharge it each time. It would be best if you buy additional batteries from Fresh Cig; £6.49 a piece is a good price.

Another solution is to buy a portable charging case (PCC) which enables you to charge the battery when you are out and about. This is very useful for people constantly on the move.

On the whole, the battery is of good quality and responsive. Like all other mini e cig batteries, it has an acceptable battery life. The starter kit should come with additional batteries or an option to buy a PCC.

fresh cig reviewThis starter kit comes with 5 cartomisers which are designed to appear like a traditional cigarette filter. You have the option of Classic, Premium, American, Rolling Tobacco or Menthol flavours which are 16mg nicotine strength. However, you can purchase different strengths later if you can’t handle this strength. They come in 16mg, 11mg and 6mg nicotine strength. Let’s simplify these terms the 11mg nicotine strength is similar strength as a Marlboro Light and so forth. If you want anything lighter than Marlboro Lights, then you should choose the 6 mg and anything higher 16mg.

The Classic Tobacco is the most popular flavour as it is very similar to the traditional cigarettes. It may be a bit sweet and mild to those who have smoked the real thing. The 16mg has a stronger throat hit and better vapour volume compared to the other strengths. The Premium Tobacco is milder than the Classic Tobacco with average vapour production and throat hit. Rolling Tobacco has the actual tobacco taste which may not suit everyone’s taste. For those who like the strong minty taste, Menthol Flavour is the one for you.  It has the best vapour volume compared to the others and leaves a cool aftertaste.

All in all, the preferred flavours are the Classic and Menthol. You may not get the 30 cigarettes worth per cartomiser as promoted on the Freshcig website if you are a moderate smoker.

In conclusion, the Freshcig Starter Kit will suit those who are making the transition from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. It looks and feels like traditional cigarettes and with flavours like the Menthol and Classic Tobacco available, the changeover will be smoother. The disadvantage of this kit is that it comes with only one battery without an option to buy a PCC. For the seasoned e cigs, this kit should be a tester kit and you must buy accompaniments and accessories to suit your needs.

One of the better things about Freshcig is they provided free delivery on all their products.