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Greetings From Cornwall!

scenery photograph

How’s that for a photo?! And yes, I DID take that myself! It’s taken from the top of the cliffs near Lands End at sunset. That’s Longships Lighthouse and surrounding rocks. Stunning pic, stunning place.

Well I am away in beautiful Cornwall. What a lovely part of the country this is. The people are warm and friendly. I have been here for a few days now and the other I popped to a factory shop for Liberty Flights E-Cigs. I won’t pretend that wasn’t part of the reason I convinced my wife we should spend a week down here near Lands End! I can’t say I would have come just for that reason, but it definitely helped confirm it.

Liberty Flights has been on my radar for a while. For one reason it’s a good British brand so I thought it would be patriotic to give it a try. Secondly I have two friends who live down here in Cornwall (who I stay with as often as possible for the fishing and surfing!) and they both have been hounding me to try Liberty Flights for quite a while now. They talked of top quality, low price, and stunning smooth flavours. I have tried more than my fair share of e-cigarette brands so I wasn’t honestly expecting anything too amazing, but I really was quite surprised at just how good these things are.

Liberty Flights EcigsI went to the factory shop which is located just outside Hayle, on the A30 near Penzance. They have a lovely big vaping lounge with comfy sofas and a nice friendly atmosphere. There is no pressure to buy from the friendly staff behind the counter, but an absolute mountain of free-to-try gear ranging from entry level e-cigarettes to extremely smart customised versions which are a lot more money. The range of e-liquids you can try is also incredible, I have never seen such a wide variety of ideas for flavours!

After nearly two hours spent chatting, vaping, fiddling with gadgets and generally having fun with all their products, I was sold on their e-liquids and also bought myself one of their entry level devices for £30 all inclusive. I wasn’t keen on the brand of tobacco e-liquid which comes free in these kits so the staff kindly let me swap it for their gorgeous “golden delicious” apple flavour. I am so impressed with these products, especially at such affordable prices.

Berry Flavour E-JuiceAfter a few hours I ended up shooting back before they closed as I wanted to try a few other flavours which I tasted when I was back there earlier. So I shot back in and bought a menthol flavour liquid, a different tobacco flavour liquid and finally one the man recommended and said would grow on me. How right he was too. It’s called “Berry Nice” and to be honest I wasn’t that sure at first but I think that was because I had so many different flavours in my mouth in such a short space of time. But after I got home, I mixed it 50/50 with the apple liquid, a few drops of tobacco and just one drop of menthol for a very subtle zing on the tongue! I am so in love with this mixture I was actually worried I might not get it quite as perfect next time, so I wrote down exactly how many drops I used. It’s fantastic, it really is. I went for the Berry Nice VG instead of just standard Berry Nice which is 50-50 PG to VG ratio. The VG version has a much higher VG content (80%) and this makes it twice as smooth when inhaling.

Berry Flavour LIberty Flight EcigsOverall, I am really pleased I took the time out to go and see this place. Most of the vapers I have seen on beaches and in towns around here, are using this brand. It’s fairly new, and growing fast, mostly due to the liquid flavours apparently. I can believe that, they really are some of the most authentic and lifelike tasting liquids I have ever tried. Liberty Flights definitely get my vote. I will be doing a full review on the site in early 2016, once they send me the review kits through. I am not sure where you can buy these other than online, but I am told they have a rapidly growing presence in many UK towns so no doubt you may already have seen one near you, if not I am sure it won’t be long now!

Wishing all my readers a merry Xmas and a happy new year, time for me to put the computer down and crack open another bottle of something nice, and I don’t mean e-liquid, although that may well have an important role to play! 😀

P.S. I will leave you with a Liberty Flight advert which I have to say I am a bit confused about. It’s obviously well-produced with no shortage of budget, but I am not sure its such a great marketing message or delivered as well as it could have been with such a professional production team. It should be noted that this was made for the Australian market as Liberty Flights deliver to Oz now, and yes they do have a slightly more crass sense of humour to us Brits, but even so, it still seems a bit uncomfortable watching, or maybe I am just getting old and losing my sense of humour! Anyway, here it is for your err… enjoyment?!

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