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Halo Micro Kit Review

Halo Micro Kit Review Image

These boys know how to appeal to smokers!

The brand behind the Halo gear (formerly known as Smokers Halo and Smoker’s Angel electronic cigarettes) is called E-Cigarette Direct and it is based right here in the UK. It is one of the lesser known brands at least in some quarters, you don’t see them mentioned on TV or expensive bill boards very often, but it is a brand which I believe offers excellent value for money without scrimping on quality in any way.

The Smokers Halo Mini Kit was recently replaced with their “Micro Kit”, which is their lowest priced kit. It offers new or prospective vapers an excellent chance to try out vaping with a respectable quality of equipment but at a very low price.

The Micro Kit comes in a very smartly designed package which has an almost clinical feel to it, it really is beautifully designed. (Except for the obvious point that it resembles a pack of traditional tobacco smokes!) Not only does it feel good in the hand, but the whole approach of the company behind it seems to have that same high quality and flair in everything they do. This isn’t just another company cashing in on the e-cig boom, it’s run by enthusiastic vapers who actually use the stuff they peddle,  these are not billion dollar multinational grey suit types which the likes of GreenSmoke (GS are utter lowlifes in my opinion) have now become run by (since the Altria buyout).

E-Cigarette Direct still has that family feel about the company. It treats its customers like all companies should, as its life-blood which of course we are. This is one of the main reasons I rate their products above the many others, not only do they provide top notch gear, but also it’s just nice to know your money is going to a company who value you and who constantly seek to innovate and bring practical improvements to the world of vaping. We need more companies like this, and less of the multi-nationals in my view. In fact zero would be my ideal number!

For such a ridiculously low price, the Micro Kit is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to try out e-cigs as cheaply as possible. After all, for less than the cost of a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes, what is the absolute worst that can happen? You try it, spit out the vapour in disgust, and throw the pack in the bin (or better still give it to a mate!).

I see so many people who decide to try out vaping for the very first time and they run straight for the most expensive fancy-schmancy stainless steel turbo model they can find. It’s crazy, especially as vaping can be a very acquired taste and not many people love the taste of them instantly, most convert slowly by sharing their habit between tobacco and e-liquid for a good few weeks or sometimes for several months. What’s the rush?! This is a very respectable quality electronic cigarette and it can be had for the cost of a couple of beers, you don’t need to spend a penny more unless you feel a need to conform to e-cig fashions, and in all honesty, you ain’t gonna be doing that for long if you don’t enjoy your vaping on it anyway!

Micro Kit Halo Review ImageThe e-cigarette in this Micro Kit does everything all the more expensive devices do, it tastes as good or better than most (not all of course) of the competition, and all for under £8. I genuinely struggle to understand how they make any profit with these kits, and I do wonder if they don’t and instead it’s just a loss leader to get people into their brand, people who will nearly always upgrade to their bigger and better kits if they like what they see, and I am sure most of them do.

In the packet you get 2 Tobacco flavour cartridges which are one of the most authentic tobacco vapes I have tried, again making it ideal for crossovers from real tobacco. You also get a rechargeable battery and a USB charger, plus a handbook. For less than the cost of most disposable e-cigarettes, you are getting a rechargeable model, and a good one at that. Better still, unlike some brands who stitch you up with their cheap models by making the cartridges different to the ones used in their more expensive e-cig models, forcing you to replace all your gear when you upgrade, E-Cigarette Direct make ALL models cross-compatible. This means that if you enjoy your first use of the Micro Kit, their replacement cartridges fit both this battery, as well as all their other models. I like that. 🙂

From the moment you open the package, all the inclusions are clearly visible, as well as the Certificate of Inspection which is definitely a fine touch as it adds to the premium feel of this kit. The container is a compact packet about the size of a cigarette packet, just a smidgen slimmer and easier to carry around in your shirt pocket for that reason.

The cartomiser fits perfectly onto the battery thanks to a quality gold coloured thread. It fitted snug and tight without any rattles, something I have noticed on many other brands, and something which really bugs me when it happens. To add to the illusion, a thin gold band around the ecig, similar to conventional cigarettes, is located where the battery and cartomiser come together, giving it an all round quality look to match the quality feel of this great value electronic cigarette.

Another notable detail is the presence of fine bumps or bands around the battery section to replicate the feel of a conventional cigarette, I loved that the first time I held one for obvious reasons! 😉 When it comes to actually using the device, yet again the quality carries through from the design to the vapour production. When reviewing e-cigarettes I usually begin with a very long deep puff and then I watch how much more vapour is still available after I stop sucking on the device from that long drag. It’s sort of hard to explain properly, but basically it’s a way of testing the stamina of the atomiser and e-liquids used, as well as testing the consistency of power output from the battery.

I did this with the Halo Micro and after getting plenty of vapour out of it on that first long drag there still seemed to be loads more at the ready. This is a good indication of a quality device coupled with decent e-juice being used, something which many manufacturers don’t do in their sealed devices as they treat them like the poor cousin of their other models. I like the fact that E-Cigarette Direct went that extra mile to make sure that people trying these cheap entry-level devices would enjoy the experience and not be put off vaping altogether. Many people are put off, especially by the cheap or disposable ones, some really are utterly disgusting. I remember trying one a couple of years ago and it actually made me sick, the taste was that awful. Fortunately it didn’t put me off for life, but I am sure some people walk away from e-cigs after that kind of experience which is a shame, particularly as they probably then go straight back to heavy tobacco smoking.

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Micro Kit E-Cigarette Review Image