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Are Electronic Cigarettes Good Or Bad For Our Health?

ecig dangersYou’ll find all electronic cigarette brands advertising their products as healthier than tobacco cigarettes. They key word to note here is ‘healthier’. Electronic cigarettes are healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes but that’s not any comment on whether they are healthy in themselves or not.

Before I get into the arguments over the health issues of electronic cigarettes, I’d like to remind everyone that I’m not a professional medical practitioner and my views are my own personal views about this topic. Do not accept my word on anything and do your own research. As part of the research read this article and take in my point of view as one of the views. Also please read the Terms of Use page for a complete disclaimer statement about the information available on this website.

Now coming back to the topic at hand it is obviously clear that electronic cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain so many toxins and chemicals that it is hard to list them all. The most important different between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is tar. Tar is a very harmful substance that coats your lungs when you smoke tobacco cigarettes but it is completely missing from electronic cigarettes because there is no real burning going on.

There are arguments on all sides, for example this BBC article claims E-Cigarettes could save “millions of lives”! On the other hand, this piece from ABC claims otherwise.

A lot of other chemicals that are present in tobacco cigarettes are also missing from electronic cigarettes. These chemicals are carcinogenic meaning that they can lead to cancer. But this doesn’t mean that electronic cigarettes are totally chemical free. Apart from the nicotine there are a few other chemicals that unavoidably wind up in the e-liquid. The research on these chemicals is still ongoing but some of them have been known to be carcinogenic in nature.

Since electronic cigarettes are a relatively new product, the research done on their effect is very limited and we won’t completely know how good or bad they really are for us for a few more years. After regular use by people for a few years, and after the completion of longer studies we’ll have a much clearer picture of the health effects of electronic cigarettes.

image of a man vapingBut we do know one thing right now; electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. Apart from some varieties of 0mg nicotine most other brands and flavours contain nicotine. And we all know that nicotine in itself is a toxin. It is a poison and if you paid attention in school you might remember that poisons are not good for us.

This makes electronic cigarettes inherently unhealthy since they are just another nicotine delivery system. So why did I build a whole website about an unhealthy product?!

The reason is that although electronic cigarettes are unhealthy they are a much safer option for someone like me who is addicted to nicotine. I’ve been smoking for so many decades that it is not easy for me to just give up nicotine completely. But by smoking electronic cigarettes at least I’m not harming myself as much as I would have been doing if I had still been smoking tobacco cigarettes.

So let’s make this point very clear here. Electronic cigarettes are a healthier option for those who are addicted to nicotine. But if you are a non smoker and you are thinking of starting smoking electronic cigarettes because they are advertised as healthier than tobacco cigarettes, then I’d earnestly advise you to NOT DO IT!

There is no sense in starting vaping because it is healthier than smoking. The best place to be is not addicted to nicotine at all. If you are that person then congratulations to you and I hope you stay away. But if you are like me and are completely dependent on nicotine for your day to day operation then you should switch over to electronic cigarettes.

If you want more information about electronic cigarettes and their health effect do read this FDA Study of Electronic Cigarettes and this study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. While reading these studies, do keep in mind the fact that the government earns a lot of money from big tobacco companies. The FDA especially has been pretty vocal in advertising the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes but I wonder why they don’t shut down tobacco companies if they really care so much about the health of the people. The fact is that electronic cigarettes are a big threat to tobacco companies and some of the research thrown out against e-cigs might be propaganda being spread by the tobacco companies. This of course is my point of view and you are free to agree or disagree with it.

You can make a personal choice to use electronic cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking. You can even try to break your nicotine addiction by smoking 0mg e-cigs. I too plan to eventually break my addiction to nicotine but for now I’m happy that I don’t smell like tobacco smoke and I’m not giving second hand smoke to my loved ones.

Come back to this page often as I’ll update any new information about the health issues related to electronic cigarettes here. But for now just remember that electronic cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes but this doesn’t make them a completely healthy product.