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How Long Are Vapers Going To Be Treated Like Social Lepers?

LeperOk, I get it. No, I really do. In an “ideal world” there would be no tobacco, and no e-cigarettes either. That’s fair enough and I would gladly press a button tomorrow if it could magically remove the powerful addiction which has hooked millions of smokers, and vapers, over many many years now. But that button does not exist. Tobacco still exists, and still kills millions of people each and every year. The tobacco giants still make billions per year, $35 Billion in fact. Yes, very very scary numbers indeed. But in such a world, isn’t a much less harmful means of satisfying this awful addiction surely a good thing? Something to promote and be pleased about? Clearly not.

Los Angeles is one of many cities in the United States which is now treating vapers like smokers, clearly banning e-cigarette consumption in the same way it bans tobacco use. Is that right? Is it fair to throw e-cigs into the same bracket as the proven killer which is tobacco?

Various other cities have enacted such a ban as LA has recently done. Chicago, Washington, NY City to name just a few. Entire states have also done likewise, which is even more worrying and draconian.

The LA Times recently ran an article in which it was reported that Dr Jonathan Fielding, the Director for LA County Dept of Public Health, does not ‘want to risk the possibility that the secondhand vapour will be found to be harmful’. But the problem is, that’s not his call to make. That risk will remain, regardless of what laws or bills they pass.

Vaping ban SignI can see the concern they have, and I do understand it, but it is logically flawed. They are worried (as always with politicos) for their own skin. They worry that IF it is discovered that e-cigarette vapour is harmful, at some point down the line, they could get into trouble for not banning it sooner. Ok, I get that. But what about the converse idea, the idea that by banning it, they are actively putting smokers OFF from trying Ecigs, and thereby assisting both the tobacco companies to make more profits, but also assisting smokers to keep smoking, which means assisting many of them to die from smoking related diseases.

Unfortunately, this nanny state mentality, this risk-averse culture we now live in, often goes too far and actually creates more risk to the powers that be, and they are yet to understand this point where vaping is concerned.

I hope they wake up some time soon and realise that there is no way they can avoid blame from one side or the other, so the best thing to do is go with the research. The research to date shows nothing short of clear evidence that E-Cigarette use is MUCH SAFER than tobacco use. No, it is not “safe”, but it is safer. They are banning the use of the safer alternative, no doubt keeping many people choosing the more dangerous option, and they can not deny their role in doing so.

In my view, these jobsworth self-serving politicos need to stop worrying about their own jobs and careers, and start doing what they are paid to do, and worry about public HEALTH! The evidence makes the obvious choice to promote e-cigs as a viable, healthier and safer alternative for smokers to get off their tobacco habit. No they are not a means to quitting smoking, but they offer another way to satisfy a nicotine addiction without burning tobacco, which for many smokers is a welcome alternative. Let’s help them do that, and stop treating them like lepers, as smokers have been treated like for years now, and rightly so!

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