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Information About E-Cigarettes

This page is for those of you who want to get into the technical details of e-cigs before trying them out. It makes sense to understand everything properly before you try any product and I did the same before I got into electronic cigarettes.


Explanation Of An Atomiser

atomiserYou must have heard all e-cig brands mention something about their atomiser. So what actually is an atomiser?

Well, an atomiser is not an invention of the e-cig industry but a very old device that has been used in many ways. The perfume bottles that you use have an atomiser that turns the liquid into a find spray or mist. Whenever a liquid is needed to be converted into a vapour, an atomiser is used. It’s even used inside your car’s engine!

Electronic cigarettes also use an atomiser to produce the vapour that you inhale during vaping. The atomiser is inserted into a bottle that contains the e-liquid. When you suck on the e-cig, a trigger mechanism activates the atomiser. A small hole in the atomiser creates a vacuum and sucks up the e-liquid. As the liquid passes through the hole it turns into a mist or vapour. The smaller the hole, the finer the mist will be.

Atomisers also contain a heating coil that gets activated through the battery. It heats up the nicotine liquid and helps in producing a good amount of vapour. The vapour that is produced is literally a sweet nectar for e-cig smokers as it tastes slightly sweet and sticky. It’s an acquired taste but once you get used to it you won’t be able to stay away.


Explanation Of Vaping

vapingVaping is the act of inhaling vapour that contains nicotine and flavourings. It is a way of delivering nicotine to the body. It works just like smoking, in which you inhale the cigarette smoke and the nicotine is absorbed through your lungs. The same thing happens during vaping except that it is without any of the harmful effects of smoking.

When you smoke, along with the nicotine you also inhale tar, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic chemicals that eventually lead to lung cancer. But when you “vape” you are just inhaling nicotine, water vapour and very few chemicals that are present in the form of flavouring. You don’t inhale any tar which means that your lungs are not coated with the harmful substance.

Vaping is not completely harmless because in the end you are still inhaling nicotine which is a poison, but it is definitely much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. The experience of inhaling vapour is very similar to smoking and many smokers find that it satisfies their urge to smoke better than other stop smoking aids such as gums and patches. Although for some reason governments have banned companies to market their e-cigs as stop smoking aids, many smokers have found electronic cigarettes very helpful in quitting smoking.

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