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Innokin iTaste VV Review

Innokin iTaste VV imageiTaste VV e-cigarettes come from the Innokin banner based in Shenzhen, China. They have been around for quite a while now and whilst they were once quite exclusive and only available through niche outlets and boutique type e-cigarette shops, they are now becoming easier to get hold of as more and more websites obtain the rights to become an approved vendor.

These are more advanced units and ideally suited to those wishing to upgrade after dipping their toe in the water with the cheaper cig-a-like varieties like E-Lites or Vapestick. Therefore the price is greater, but the device is also far advanced from its smaller cousins.

The Innokin starter kit for the iTaste VV comes well-packaged and beautifully presented. This kit comprises the following:

  • 1 Variable Voltage Battery, 800 mAh
  • 5 Tank Cartridges
4 Atomisers – 2- 2.6 ohm & 2- 3.2 ohm
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Mains Wall Charger

With its single manual 800mAh battery, with moderate vaping, the Innokin iTaste can be used for a full day quite comfortably without having to re-charge it. It is currently only offered in one colour here in the UK. However, the Chameleon, with its small flecked finish against the black, is a pretty thing to look at so that’s no disadvantage really.

The thing that separates iTaste from the rest is the square shape of the battery and this individuality makes these e-cigarettes very easy to spot, they are extremely recognisable e-cigs and as such they have formed quite a following of people who have given up on the “form over function” and just want raw power and efficiency from their ideal unit. I personally quite like the circular shape of most electronic cigarettes, as I am an ex-smoker, a heavy one too, so the shape and feel of a real cigarette is still in my muscle memories I suppose.

The symmetrically-shaped battery fits comfortably in your hand and will not roll off the desk or dashboard in your car, which is one definite advantage of this square shape! (I am forever picking up my cig-a-likes off the floor of my office! The VV battery is sturdily built and is of good quality. However the voltage adjustment button is prone to rattling and could have a slightly better finish in my opinion.

The voltage variation function is very easy to use and indeed a joy to use as well! You can adjust the actual texture of your vapour by playing around with this feature, a huge advantage for heavy users. Sometimes you want a real big-hitting puff, like first thing in the morning, but at other times such as when sat drinking with friends, you may want a more mellow or gentler vape, and both can be catered for with a flick of the digital adjuster.

Innokin iTaste VV Review image A digital LCD panel displays a Puff Count together with the proper voltage levels for the e-liquid being used and the exact voltage the ecig is running on. When changing the voltage, you have to press either button under the panel. The panel will display the puff count immediately followed by the current voltage. The voltage increases in 0.1V increments at each touch of the button. The vaping voltage ranges between 3.3V to 5V.

In order to get more throat hit and vapour, you need to use a higher voltage but the best flavour is obtained between 3.8V and 4.2V in my experience. The flavour is lost when used at higher voltage, it just seems to fry all the flavourings out of it before they reach your taste buds.

This kit comes with only one battery with a power button that can be turned off when not in use. Another vital feature of the iTaste is you can still use it while it is charging, so you can use it while on the computer. This is a significant advantage in practice. There is nothing like craving a puff and having to sit and wait for it to finish charging up again.

There are 4 atomisers in the kit, these slot onto the battery using clever little magnets. It fits perfectly and does not move around at all. This magnetic link enables you to change cartomisers easily without fiddling with threads as you do on the screw-on versions. However, these atomisers can’t be used with the 510/KR808D connections without a special adapter available separately.

The 5 tank cartridges that come in this pack are small and can accommodate only about 1.2 ml of e-liquid each which will require you to refill quite regularly depending on how heavy a user you are. It is important to note that this starter kit does not come with e-liquid so if you go for one of these, you will need to buy that separately. To advanced users this is far from a drawback however, as you probably have various bottles at home already, and I actually quite like this point as very few e-liquids are perfect for an advanced user’s tastes right out of the box. Mine always need a dash of apple and menthol before I can enjoy them, and I know many other people with similar fussy preferences.

Overall this is one of those kits that you will find yourself showing off and talking about with friends for hours. It’s impressive both in form and function, it packs an enormous punch, and it lasts a very long time between charges. A great product in my opinion. You can visit the manufacturer’s website here.