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Intellicig Evolution Review

IntelliCig Evolution ReviewThe Intellicig is still sticking to the 3 part design that most e-cig brands have now abandoned.

The Intellicig Starter Kit comprises of 2 fold out cases that houses the e-cig and the cartridges separately. Although it comes in a well designed case, it has an inferior quality look. Inside you will find:-

1     Battery

5     Cartridges

1     Atomiser

1     USB charger

The Intellicig Kit provides only one battery which is insufficient for kits that do not include a portable charging case (PCC). Even though it has a clean finish which feels smooth, the battery does not feel as sturdy as other brands. You have to purchase more batteries to keep as spare to enable you to constantly have your nicotine fix ready to go at a moment’s notice, and who doesn’t want that?!

It performs and responds very well in general, however occasionally you have to take harder draws to keep it flowing.

On the whole, the battery is not too bad for its size. The quality is a bit on the inferior side but it responds and performs very well even though sometimes it requires a “push”. Mare sure you buy spare batteries!

The Intellicig Evolution E-Cigarette kit has the 3 piece design comprising 3 components; battery, atomiser and cartridge, therefore it provides 5 cartridges and 1 atomiser. This is not a popular design as most brands have moved on to the 2 piece design; a battery and cartomiser which incorporate the atomiser and cartridge in one.

The cartridges come in 0mg to 15mg nicotine strength sealed in a foil packaging. Another plus point is at Intellicig, they make their own e-liquid called ECOpure in UK and tests are done in a UK university. They have 3 refill flavours; Regular, Rich and Menthol. Regular is for the typical smoker, those preferring the original tobacco flavour while the Rich has a more pronounced tobacco flavour. The Menthol provides the usual cool minty aftertaste.

On the whole, the flavours offered are good with sufficient vapour and you can be confident using their e-liquid knowing that they are manufactured and tested in the UK. It would have been better if the setup was a 2 piece setup and the cartridges were better quality.

In conclusion, the Intellicig Evolution E Cigarette is a let down in terms of the mediocre built and with the 3 piece design. It is also slightly pricey for an outdated design which feels a little cheap. The only advantage of this product is the fact that the e-liquid is manufactured in the UK whereby they are able to regulate the contents and monitor the process.