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IntelliCig XL Review

IntelliCig XL ReviewThis e-cigarette blew me away! Far more than I was expecting in every way, especially after trialling the less inspired “Evolution“. No other e-cig of this size will have the same effect on your value for money radar!

The Intellicig XL Starter Kit which comes in a sleek black box with magnetic cover contains the following:-

2     Batteries

5     Tank Cartridges

5     Atomisers

10ml     ECO

Pure bottle of e-liquid

1     USB charger & Wall Charger

The 2 batteries provided in the starter kit are 650 mAh with black rubberised finish. These batteries are fatter and bigger than other e-cig batteries and naturally last longer. They are manual therefore you need to press a button while taking a drag. This is better as the e-liquid heats up a few seconds before the drag. Upon pressing the button, the drag that is obtained is superb and it responds very well.

For moderate vapers, the batteries will easily last a whole day before you have to recharge it. The power button helps prolong the life of the battery since you have to press it 5 times consecutively before it turns on. This component prevents the e cig from accidentally switching on.

On the whole, this battery reacts and behaves like all batteries of this size, prolonged life and easy to use. Since it is a manual, it gives a good drag every time.

intellicig xl pro reviewAll Intellicig XL starter kit is provided with one bottle of 10ml ECOpure e-liquid. There are 3 different flavours to choose from; Rich, Regular or Menthol; with each having 4 nicotine strengths; 0%, 1.5%, 3% and 4.5%. You can obtain more e liquid that comes in different sizes. At Intellicig, they manufacture their own e-liquid in the UK unlike other brands. You can review test results as they conduct independent tests at the bio-science facility at Manchester University.

The setup is a bit complicating but with instruction manual provided and with a bit of practice you will get the hang of it. A compatible tankomiser/clearomiser should have been provided to simplify the setting up process.

The vapour production is just right with almost perfect vapour volume. It is recommended to take a slow drag as a quick or sharp drag will not give the best result.

All in all, you can be confident using their e-liquid as they are manufactured and tested in the UK.

In conclusion, the XL is one of the better e cigs available once you conquer the setting up a bit. The Regular e-liquid is one of the better flavours available with good vapour volume.  The best thing about the Intellicig XL is the e-liquid is produced and tested in the UK.