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John, some fishing, and the small matter of an iTaste MVP V2

Hi all, sorry for lack of posts recently. I had a friend visit and he ended up staying for two weeks thanks to the Cod turning up on our shores after what seems like an eternity! As many of you know, I like a bit of sea fishing. So does John, an old friend of mine who I recently talked into trying out e-cigs after years of ‘passive resistance’ from him about the idea!

ITaste MVP V2 Photograph

John’s Impressive MOD

For quite a few years now I have ask John to try e-cigarettes. No matter how many different ones I got him to try, he always said he hated the taste. It turns out something in these cig-a-like type e-cigs just don’t agree with him, but after finding tobacco cigarettes are finally just too damn expensive to be viable for him any longer, he finally went to a proper vaping cafe and tried out some of the bigger varieties, or “mods”, as well as the many flavour options that come with them.

When he arrived I was shocked (and quite pleased) to see him pull out a huge chunk of technology and start vaping on it as we chatted about how life has been treating us both lately! I asked what it was, and he replied “iTaste MVP V2.0”, of course I had to grab it and play with it for a fair while, and I have never been as impressed by an ecig as I was with this thing. Not just the taste, vapour production and all that usual stuff, but just the design and feel of it in my hand was impressive enough on its own.

This is a serious piece of kit, it feels exquisitely-made and a work of engineering art, I am not exaggerating here, it really did feel like it was made by BMW or Porsche.

As I said, his visit turned out to be a lot longer than planned. We went fishing the day after he arrived and after a few hours of catching nothing, the cod started biting. Cod is what we wanted, and I didn’t expect they would turn up as the weather hasn’t turned cold enough yet.

Gorgeous Beach

Glorious winter weather for the UK! Warm too when the wind dropped

They say the cod arrive after the first good hard frost, but we haven’t had anything remotely like a frost yet. But I suppose the cod got sick of waiting, and just turned up anyway! After a few days of great fishing, he decided to extend his visit and so we had plenty of time to discuss all the finer details of his chunky e-cigarette. I already have a review of the iTaste VV on the site, which I was certainly a fan of. This MVP V2 is so much more substantial and powerful, with variable voltages etc etc, I can’t even call it the big brother of the VV, it’s more like the cage-fighting monster cousin of the VV!

John explained all the amazing functions of the device, and let me have quite a few sessions using it. He still smokes tobacco occasionally so for a few days I funded his tobacco habit so I could use his e-cig, I was so blown away by the amount of vapour out of this thing. Ok, it IS a big device, it’s pretty damn huge actually. It’s heavy and somewhat cumbersome next to a nice slim cig-a-like or even a Liberty Flight’s clearomizer (which I bought recently).


Impressive Ecig MOD

LCD display, variable voltage, a very clever piece of equipment!

This is what has always put me off these brick-shaped things! But I have to say I am something of a convert now. Ok, these things are not at home in your top pocket, or any pocket for that matter other than a long coat like Neo wears in The Matrix! But for use at home or in an office, they are incredibly practical. The main reason is the battery, John doesn’t quantify his battery life in hours or number of puffs like many of us do, he uses days or even weeks to judge his battery! Not only that, but his device has a slot to charge other devices OFF the ecig! I saw him topping up his iPhone several times during the first week, but didn’t once see him charge his MVP!

He showed me how the variable voltage does a lot more than just alter the vapour volumes produced by the device, in fact more importantly I was amazed at just how much alteration this adjustment can make to the flavour of e-liquid used. Which leads me to another thing John was happy to bring to my attention: “BuckShot Vapesauce”. This is the e-liquid he uses, and it is absolutely delicious. When I tried it I thought it was a mix of other things, it tasted like tobacco mixed with a few fruit flavours, but he said it wasn’t a mixture at all, it was neat C4 Vapesauce as shown in the picture (sorry the lighting was bad when I took the pic). I am after some of this myself now, it is hands down the nicest flavour e-juice I have yet to try.

Buckshot EJuice bottle

Tastiest e-juice yet for me

The taste is subtle, which is refreshing as so many companies produce really sharp or fragrant e-liquids which are a tad overpowering in my view, a bit over the top at the very least. But this Buckshot is more like a musk smell, it doesn’t hit you with flavours all at once, it’s more like a fine wine which seems to release different flavours gently onto your taste buds as the seconds past after each puff. A very sophisticated and subtle combination of flavours, not too sweet and not too fruity, but with a hint of each making it extremely enjoyable indeed. That’s on my shopping list now too!

So, thanks John! It was great to see you, not so great to see you beat my personal record for shore-caught cod, but I will forgive you for that til next time! It was also great to see you vaping and I hope you keep it up 🙂

I will be adding a more detailed review of the iTaste MVP V2.0 when I get mine through soon. Until then, I will leave you with a video review from IndoorSmokers instead:

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