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Lucky 8s Ecig Review

I am sorry to say Lucky 8s E-Cigarettes are now closed for business. 🙁

Lucky 8s is a relative newcomer to the UK e-cigarette market. It is a brand which comes from Tenacious Monkey Ltd.  The company was founded in February 2012, so it really is the new kid on the block. It took them around a year to fully develop the Lucky 8s brand, which was officially launched on no-smoking day (in the UK) – 13th March 2013.

Lucky8sThe Lucky 8s approach was to build a brand that feels as familiar as possible to tobacco smokers and ex-smokers. This is why Lucky 8s are very similar in size to conventional tobacco cigarettes and quite deliberately branded just like their traditional tobacco cousins, a marketing approach which has been adopted by various companies over the years, E-Lites, E-Cigarette Direct, and Vapestick to name a few.

There are 3 product lines produced by Lucky 8 for the UK market:


  1. Lucky 8s Disposable E-Cigarette

This is their entry level model. The cartomiser can’t be replaced and a longer battery life is needed since it is not rechargeable. The disposable e-cig is slightly larger than their standard e-cigs, for this very reason.

The flavour is Classic Tobacco at a nicotine strength of 16 mg. This is priced at £6.99 (recently reduced from £8.99).

This is not as cheap as some of the supermarket disposables which you find next to the checkouts these days, but it is definitely of a higher quality. Don’t let me overstate things, this is not “high quality” vaping, but it’s definitely a step up from those nasties you see at the tills in Asda!

For any readers who are new to vaping or considering a first foray into the vaping market, getting yourself a disposable is the most cost-effective way to try out your first e-cig, and Lucky8s are not a bad place to start at all. The taste is quite similar to Drum tobacco, that’s a very personal comment and others may not agree, but that’s what it reminded me of when Lucky8s were kind enough to send me a nice box “for review” 🙂




2.  The ‘Soft Pack’

Lucky8s SoftPack imageThis is now proving to be their most popular product. The packaging is exactly the same size as a traditional cigarette pack, but more importantly it has an identical feel as well. This proves my earlier point about their marketing at least seemingly being geared towards smokers and/or ex-smokers.

It’s all well and good having the same dimensions as a tobacco cigarette packet, but they often don’t feel the same, due to various factors such as corner shaping, material, paint or coatings etcetera. The Lucky 8s Soft Pack really does feel exactly like a real pack of cigarettes, which is really nice for those of us (like me) who are keen to keep this feeling in the pocket and the hand. (Especially the top shirt pocket where a sharp metal box really hurts if you forget it’s there and lay down!)

The ecigs themselves are 88mm long, making them very close to standard size (non-superking) tobacco cigarettes. I particularly like this, because most brands go for the larger style which makes them quite heavy in the hand or pocket. These are the same size as any normal smoke, such as a Marlboro or Benson and Hedges.

Obviously the battery doesn’t last as long as the bigger electronic cigarettes due to the reduced size, but it is still pretty good and the softpack houses a USB charger inside, so the fact it is a similar size to a tobacco cigarette outweighs this slight loss of usage time for me. The battery still produces a very nice density of vapour, so there is no shortage of voltage going to the atomiser.

Lucky 8s Soft Pack Contents:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • 3 cartomizers (Classic Tobacco Flavour, 16mg nicotine)
  • USB charger
  • Priced at £24.99 (On Sale Now! Reduced to £19.99)


3. The Lucky 8s Ultimate Starter Pack

Lucky8s Starter Pack ImageThis e-cig uses a PCC (portable charging case) which is something many users are very keen to have. It just means you can charge your device quicker and easier when on the move. Instead of dismantling everything and leaving your e-cig hanging out of the wall, you just push it into its normal home in the Lucky 8s box, and plug the box into the wall instead, the case is the charger, neat huh!

The battery power is 950mAh, a pretty respectable level considering this is still a small e-cig compared to most on the market. Having two batteries means that you can always be carrying around enough battery life even if one does run out.

The charge time is about 4.5 – 5 hours and the batteries can tolerate about 300 full charge/discharge cycles. The Ultimate e-cigarette comes in a very nice magnetic presentation box and has a USB and mains wall adapter.

Most importantly of all, when I first wrote this review this kit was priced at £49.99. That was a bit steep really, it wasn’t a rip off by any means, but it was definitely pricey for what you get. But they recently reduced the price, and not by a small amount either! They dropped it WAY down to nearly half the price! I don’t know why, I assume they just had to do that to remain competitive, but who cares. The point is this Ultimate kit is now available at just £29.99 which makes it a lot better in terms of value for money.

Lucky 8s Ultimate Kit Contents:

  • Portable charging case
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 5 cartomizers (Classic Tobacco Flavour, 16mg, approx. 600 cigarettes)
  • AC/DC adaptor
  • USB charger
  • Presentation/Storage box
  • User guide
  • It is also fully compatible with their car charger available separately)
  • Priced at £29.99


My Verdict:

The Lucky 8s e-cigarette kits are very good. I have reviewed better gear, of course I have, this is budget end stuff, but it is anything but cheap in its feel and taste. The service from the company is excellent in every way. They are some of the friendliest people I have dealt with, and I have dealt with a few!

Their website is simple but professional and easy to use. They offer a full one year warranty on all of their products which is a good sign of a reputable and honest company that backs its products up after the purchase has been made, unlike some less scrupulous brands.

Review of Lucky 8s EcigsThe kits I received from them were very nicely presented, and nicely sealed for freshness. The vapour production is very good given its small size. It is not the best I have ever seen, but at this price and with the smaller form factor, it would be unfair to expect these e-cigs to produce massive volumes of smoke.

As for flavour, this is interesting. The very first puff seemed a bit strange. This is probably because I am used to my Vapestick which I use most of the time lately, they have quite a sweet taste. The Lucky 8s vapour is much more akin to smoking real tobacco in my view, it has a slight aftertaste similar to the aftertaste of real tobacco, albeit more tangy on the tongue.

The flavour doesn’t taste exactly like tobacco as this isn’t possible to simulate accurately with artificial flavourings, but compared to 90% of other brands the flavour is definitely one of the closest to real tobacco that I have tried. The vapour is rich and thick but without being sickly, it carries a great throat hit, and after about half an hour of use, I am really starting to find it increasingly enjoyable.

Some brands are easily mistaken for others, I mean in terms of their flavour alone. But you wouldn’t mistake another brand for this one, purely on taste. Overall, I really like it, and am finding it more and more enjoyable for my taste buds the longer I use it. Maybe that’s why this review is twice as long as any others? 😀

The Lucky 8s refills come in packs of 5, they are priced at £8.99 (also reduced, from £9.99 previously). The flavour choices are Classic Tobacco (Marlboro), Menthol, Apple and Cherry. Each cartomizer is the equivalent of about 23 tobacco cigarettes according to the company. Before you jump up and down thinking this is a lot less than other brands say, you are right, it is less. However, in my experience NOBODY is accurate about this figure on their packaging, and in all honesty I suspect Lucky 8s is the only company I have yet to come across which quotes a figure which is accurate and realistic. I get around that amount of usage out of most brands, so I tend to feel Lucky 8s have again taken a risk by being “honest” and I completely applaud them for it. Marketing these days is 99% gloss (i.e. Bull ****), and 1% product. It is so nice to see a company prepared to risk less sales, in order to be honest to their customers, rather than just going with the flow and effectively telling lies. Well done Lucky 8s! This is enough for me to rate this brand as one of the best for integrity, one of the top 5 for quality of merchandise, and one of the top 10 for smoke production (mostly due to their smaller size).

Lucky 8s Review Pack