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MPs Launch Study Re “Normalisation of Smoking” caused by E-Cigs

What a joke. If only it were funny.

Yes British MPs are seeking to conduct a study in which they can find out whether e-cigarettes cause our younger generation to see smoking (tobacco) as more “normal”, purely via the use or visual observation of e-cigs.

It really seems like nobody will just let this issue go, they have done study after study after study trying to find out a way to demonise electronic cigarettes, and every time they do so, they fail dismally. What is this all about? Where is the driving force between this clear and obvious agenda to make e-cigs the “new evil” to replace tobacco smoking? I am still stuck on the idea that you can’t market ecigs as an alternative to smoking, as that is precisely what many vapers seem to use it for.

Ask yourself this… how many e-cig users do you know who have NEVER smoked? Yes, me too! NONE! It’s clearly seen (whether rightly or wrongly) by its mass following (3 Million UK users now and growing daily) to be a very deliberate way to replace tobacco with something less harmful. I totally agree with doing as much research as possible into whether this is true or not, people’s lives depend on it after all. But it doesn’t appear like this agenda is designed to find the truth, but more to find proof OF something. This is generally considered biassed research, any research which sets out with a clear motive in mind, is surely going to colour the result and more importantly, the interpretation of the results by those carrying out the studies.

We need to take a breath here, sit back, relax, and THINK. People are smoking less tobacco than ever before. Have E-Cigs helped to create this new all time low? I suspect so, but only balance and accurate research can prove so. Either way, let’s stop demonising this new technology and find out in an impartial way IF it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the overall health of the nation!

More information on the MP’s announcement can be found here

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