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Me and My E-Cigs – My Personal Story

My ImageI smoked like a chimney for many years, beginning when I was around 14 years old and continuing well into middle age. I smoked 30-40 a day, often a lot more depending on what I was doing.

I had a health scare, and I knew giving up tobacco smoking was something I had to make a top priority right away. At that point I happened to meet a man in a hotel bar in London, and was amazed to see him sat “smoking” in the corner, looking like he was thoroughly enjoying himself!

I approached this man, tentatively at first, thinking he was smoking tobacco. As I had my family in the place with me, I took exception to him on that assumption. As I got closer to him, I saw a green light on the end of his ‘cigarette’ which threw me off track completely and I ended up asking him what the hell it was in his hand!

imageAfter half an hour chatting with him, I came home determined to try these myself as an alternative to my heavy tobacco use. I had tried the e-cigarette the man was using and quite liked it, not as much as my own cigarettes but enough to think it would make a workable replacement, something I could definitely learn to enjoy, and undoubtedly more enjoyable than the nicotine inhaler I had bought last time I tried giving up.

Cut a long story short, I ended up turning my smoking habit onto the e-cigs instead. I then managed to get a few friends onto them and off normal cigarettes, as well as my mother which I was really pleased about. That was when someone suggested to me that I should publish my own UK e-cigarette reviews, because I had tried literally about 20 different types, flavours, brands and so on. My research and knowledge helped me find the best e-cigarettes and e-liquids for my friends, quickly and cheaply saving them money and hassle, and in the process I would nearly always get a chance to try their new equipment out when it came through.

I then decided it was a great idea, so here I am and have been for a good few years now!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experiences with this marvel of technology, and let me know if you have any good or bad experiences with any of the UK brands, I am all ears 🙂

Enjoy the site!