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NeatCigs Review

Please Note: This product has now been discontinued

Neat Cigs imageNeatcigs is manufactured by Electronic Cigarettes LTD, an e-cig supplier since 2011.

The Neatcigs Switch Kit is made to look like a traditional cigarette box containing the following:-

1     190 mAh Battery

3     Cartomisers

1    USB Charger

The battery is sturdy with a smooth finish that fits nicely in the hand. The battery responds very well and activates instantly upon taking a drag. Even though, Neatcigs claims that it can last 3-4 hours, you can get that at the beginning but after a couple of charges it reduces to about 2 hours which is expected for an e-cig of this size. But this depends on the amount of vaping and the individual usage. It is always good to have a spare as it takes 3 hours for the battery to recharge. Like all mini e-cigs, it is good to buy extra batteries.

If you are constantly on the move, having a portable charging case (PCC) will come in handy as it will enable you to charge your batteries anywhere and anytime. All in all, the battery responds very well and will last as long as many other mini e-cigarettes.

The Switch Kit has 3 different flavours; Tobacco, Menthol and Fruit; with 1.8% nicotine strength cartomisers. The options provided are very limited with 3 flavours and only 2 nicotine strengths; 1.8% and 0.6% respectively.

neatcigs packThe Tobacco and Menthol flavours were spot on with good throat hit and vapour volume. The Menthol has a cool minty aftertaste while the Fruit flavour has a very sharp throat hit, also with decent vapour volume.

Although it claims to give 120 “cigarettes” worth from the 3 cartomisers, it all depends on the user, how many and the length of the drag. So this figure will vary accordingly but in my experience it was significantly less than advertised.

On the whole, the tobacco and menthol flavours are the better of the 3. There should have been more options in terms of flavours and variety in nicotine strengths. The only selling point for this product is that the e-liquid is manufactured in the UK.

In conclusion, the Neatcigs Switch Kit is targeted for beginners looking for entry level e-cig products. A new vaper with a small budget would most probably be very satisfied with this kit. However, it is recommended to buy extra batteries and cartomisers to avoid disappointment.