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Refillable V Disposable E-Cigarettes Comparison

Man ponderingThere’s a huge variety of devices available these days, literally hundreds of companies producing thousands of different types of e-cigarettes. But regardless of how many come onto the market, there remains just two broad types: disposables and refillables.

This is the fundamental choice all vapers have to make at least once. So how do you choose between the two?

Below I have listed what I think are the most important benefits offered by both types. These are based on my own personal experience of using both types for quite a long time now. In fact I actually still use both, although I admit I am more into the advanced refillable models now as they allow me more flexibility with my liquids. I definitely do still have uses for disposables though, as you will read about further down.

I hope this helps you decide which is best for you to try out for yourself:

Benefits of Disposables:

No fiddle, no mess! Just like buying a pack of Marlboro tobacco cigarettes, you can buy disposables, pull em straight out and start puffing on them. A highly attractive feature to first time vapers or recent converts from tobacco cigarettes.


More hygienic – I don’t fully subscribe to the health and safety paranoia culture we live in these days, but some claim disposables are better for hygiene because you only use them for a short time and then throw them away, rather than sucking on the same old thing for weeks. This is in comparison to refillable ones of course, where the mouthpiece is in use much longer, and of course you can clean it!


e-cig miniReadily available – disposables are a fast growing product, and now you can find them in most corner shops and supermarkets. This wide availability is definitely a pro for disposables. I actually went in a fishing tackle shop the other day and the shop owner was an e-cig fan, and he had just started selling e-liquids and starter kits in his shop! I chatted to him about it and he said that so many of his customers have converted from tobacco to vaping, he felt he may as well start selling them himself!


Portability – disposables don’t require chargers, cables and carry cases. You just buy one, drop it in your top pocket, and that’s all you need with you to last you a good few hours or an entire day for some people.


Cheap – For me this was the biggest benefit of disposable electronic cigarettes. When you are first trying them out, being able to go and buy a fully functioning e-cigarette and get ‘vaping’ straight away is a huge benefit, especially when you compare the cost of them with some of the refillable models. This cuts both ways however, if you are using them heavily then they will cease to be cheap for long! Hence why heavy users generally convert over to refillables.



Image of refillable e-cigBenefits of Refillables:

Flavour – Once you get into these, you will quickly learn how to mix your own flavours of e-liquid and this offers a lot more flexibility than you can achieve with disposables. The sheer enjoyment you open yourself up to makes this a massive plus point for refillable types.


Strength – As above, you can mix in your own liquids to whatever nicotine content levels your heart desires. With disposables you just have to take whatever you buy, you can’t adjust the levels to suit your own requirements.


Battery life – Disposables come nowhere near refillables on this point. With a refillable device, you can kit yourself out for the whole day, or even for a week or two, all in one box with spare battery cells, extra e-liquids, etcetera. This is why refillables are seen as the second step into vaping. The first step is trying out the actual substance which can be done cheaply with disposables, but if you decide you like it and want to do it regularly, you then learn how to kit yourself out for a whole week or more, which is easily done with these refillable ones.


Image of Re-Usable E-CIgCost – If and when you decide that e-cigarettes are for you, refillables offer massive savings over disposables, especially if you are a heavy user. There is a greater cost up front, but the longer you use them, the more they save when compared to throw away models. And when compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes, well then you will see that both types of e-cigs are a huge saving, but the refillable ones are about 60-70% cheaper to use over the long term when compared with disposables.


So there you have it, there are definitely plenty of advantages to both types, and hopefully you are better placed to make the decision yourself. I always advise people to go for a good quality disposable first, if they have never tried ecigs at all before. But if (as is increasingly the case these days) you have already had plenty of goes on your mate’s e-cigs, and you are 100% convinced they are for you, then I would say you can probably just as well skip the disposable trial versions and dive straight into the refillable mods and more advanced ones, since you are not just “trying” any more, you have already done that.

Disposables from top UK companies like Halo and E-Lites are far better to use and certainly taste a lot better than they did even just a year or two ago. Things have really progressed where disposables are concerned. There was a time when they were utterly unusable, at least they were in my opinion. I think dirt cheap atomisers were the cause, but as technology has developed, along with massive increases in sales numbers, they now put much more respectable atomisers into even the cheapest of disposables, and this gives a much better vapour which doesn’t rip the skin of the inside of your throat like some of them felt they did to me!!

Despite years of vaping under my belt now, I do still use these cheap disposables myself. Most of my friends laugh at me for it, but I don’t care, they are just too convenient to ignore in certain situations. When I go fishing I always have at least 1 (usually 2) in my tackle box, sealed in a vacuum bag, and one to use while fishing. I never take my expensive e-cigs near a beach. I also have one onboard my motorbike, one in the car, you get the idea. They are cheap enough to do this with, and never be caught on the hop like I have been too many times to mention, gasping for a drag and almost running into a garage to buy tobacco! Oops, did I really just mentioned the evil T word? Sorry!