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Review Of E-Lites E-Cigarettes

E-Lites E-CigsE-Lites is a massively popular and growing brand of electronic cigarettes here in England. They manufacture good quality products at competitive prices which makes them one of the brands that you should try out before settling on your favourite brand. For many months E-Lites was my favourite brand, the one I bought refills for on a daily basis in my local shop, and on my way to work. I was very happy with the vapour and I still believe they have one of the truest tasting tobacco flavours of all e-cigarettes on the market.

The only reason I stopped using E-Lites is because a friend persuaded me to try out GreenSmoke instead. Once I tried them, it was clear that E-Lites had to take second place in my order of priority! Every brand has its pros and cons and in this review I’d like to go over the pros and cons of E-Lites.


E-Lites is a good brand and has more pros than cons. Here are some of the biggest plus points of E-Lites.



Definitely the biggest plus point for E-Lites is their clever packaging. It is the reason why these e-cigs are popular with so many people. The package is designed like a pack of traditional Marlboro cigarettes. The company itself doesn’t acknowledge this fact but one look at the packaging and you’ll know the truth for yourself.

The red and white pack looks so familiar that if it was lying on your table, anyone will assume it to be a pack of Marlboro unless they look closely. The pack stores the e-cigs and also acts as a charger for the G9 battery. The pack has a USB cable hidden in the lower chamber. You might think that the familiar looking packet is only a superficial detail but it does improve the overall experience of smoking an E-Lites e-cigarette.


The E-Lites E-Cig Unit

E-Lites Exploded technical drawingThe e-cigarette itself looks a lot like a traditional cigarette. The battery contains a green LED at the end that lights up whenever you take a puff and also acts as a warning light when the battery gets low.

In the beginning all e-cigarette manufacturers used red LEDs with their batteries to make the look as authentic as possible but the red LED makes your e-cigarette look too much like the real thing. I myself have been blamed for smoking in public when someone mistook my red LED e-cig to be a traditional cigarette. As e-cigs get more popular it now makes sense to stand out and E-Lites have understood this. The green LED looks cool and anybody who sees you smoking from a distance will immediately know that you are smoking an e-cigarette.


The performance of E-Lites e-cigarettes is just above average. I won’t go as far as saying that it is among the best but the performance is definitely good. The battery lasts long enough to not be an annoying problem. Each cartridge provides up to 400 puffs which is a pretty good number. Of course do remember that it all depends on how hard you suck on the e-cig.

The nicotine delivery system is very good and much better than a lot of other e-cigs I’ve tried. Although e-cigs are not classified as nicotine cessation devices, you could use an E-Lites cigarette like a nicotine patch or gum to deliver small doses of nicotine every time you have an urge.

Vapour Production

The vapour produced by E-Lites e-cigs is of very good quality. In a lot of other brands you feel like you are only sucking in air and it doesn’t feel as heavy as smoke but E-Lites delivers in this area. A puff of E-Lites e-cigarette smoke will fill up your mouth and lung just like a traditional cigarette.


The quality of E-Lites products is very high. It is among the best in the industry. The pack, the battery and the charger are all well constructed. As far as quality goes there is no problem.


The weight of e-cig can be an issue for some. Most e-cigs are obviously heavier than traditional cigarettes. The weight distribution also means that e-cigs can’t be held the same way traditional cigarettes are held. They need to be held on with a tighter grip. Also you need to hold them a little higher up than a traditional cigarette. The only other negative point is that the flavour could be a little better. The flavour is similar to a tobacco cigarette but not as good and depends on what strength you are using.


charging kitTo summarise this review I have to say that E-Lites are a good e-cigarette company and there is a good reason why the brand is popular among customers in the UK. They offer a good quality product at a fair price. Check out their website for more information about the brand and the products by using This Link.