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Some Beginner’s Questions About Disposable E-Cigs

How Long Does A Disposable E-Cig Last?

Disposable electronic cigarettes can vary hugely in how much use or time you can get out of them. I make the points separately about “use” and “time” for good reason. Some e-cig brands don’t last very long even when they are not being used, for instance when thrown in a drawer for a few weeks, you may find they are dead when you come to use them even though they have had little to no real use out of them since the purchase. This is a good indication of low quality components, and these should be avoided.

I can’t think of any well-known UK e-cig brands which suffer from this problem, but I have bought some in supermarkets in Spain and also in the US, which have not lasted more than a week sat in the glovebox of my hire car! Awful, yes! But then they were ridiculously cheap so I should have expected to be disappointed really. I have tried Asda disposable e-cigs and they are frankly horrible, never again! There are some very good e-cig deals on Amazon at the moment, so I am told anyway.

In general, I get around 2-3 days of fairly heavy use from disposable e-cigs when I use them, which is admittedly rare these days. Anything more than 2 days is good in my view, any which last less than 24 hours is bad and I wouldn’t buy any such device again.

As far as how many puffs you get from a disposable e-cig, I would say you can expect anything from 150 to 600 puffs, all dependant on the price you pay basically. Yes, they vary hugely, I think I said that already!


Can You Refill A Disposable E-Cigarette?

Duh EinsteinWell, I didn’t think that would really be a question many people wonder about, but clearly I am wrong there! The answer is NO. What you want is a ….. wait for it……. REFILLABLE E-CIG!! Surprising isn’t it?! Sorry, all sarcasm aside now, I promise 😀

Disposable e-cigarettes are designed for temporary use, to be thrown away after expiry. There are basically two types of people (in my opinion) who buy these disposables:

1. New or first time vapers – Any tobacco smoker who has never touched an electronic cigarette may be forgiven for being naturally curious about them, after all, I was! In which case these people will look for the very cheapest means to trying one out. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to try them out, as I also found out! Because you will generally get the lowest quality, worst tasting e-cig you could possibly use! But I suppose it isn’t going to change, if people have the option of spending a fiver, or a hundred quid, to try something new out, it stands to reason that they are not going to spend more than a fiver! But it is probably wise to spend a bit more and get something like an E-Lites, their cheap starter kits are great value at only £6.99.

2. The second type of typical user of disposables are regular vapers who want something disposable to take on holiday, on a camping trip or similar – I fall into this category myself. I can’t say I have much respect for disposables generally, my taste buds definitely haven’t! But I can’t deny they have their uses.

For example, I do a bit of sea fishing, sometimes fishing off a beach at night, and sometimes off a small boat with a friend of mine. In either scenario, you won’t catch me taking my expensive mod with me! I still have that old smoking habit of leaving my e-cig hanging out of my mouth for instance right now while I am typing! Doing that while unhooking a fish on a sandy beach in wild wind and waves, or doing it while leaning over the edge of the boat, well I don’t need to explain why I don’t take my more valued e-cigarette with me on these occasions!

So I always have a few disposable e-cigs wrapped up in ziplock bags in my fishing rucksack, so I know I can just grab it and go, and if I get a craving I can satisfy it without risking losing any of my better quality ones. I once dropped an e-cig out of my mouth like that onto the beach and although I picked it up straight away, just one pesky grain of sand got stuck in the atomiser and rendered it useless until I got home and blew it out with my air compressor, it was really lodged in there! I don’t take such risks any more, and disposable e-cigarettes make that possible so I can’t really knock them too much.

So yes disposable e-cigarettes do have a place in society, but I certainly think of them as the peasants of the vaping world!


Can You Recharge A Disposable E-Cig?

Yes and no. That’s a good answer isn’t it?! Well the fact is some of them can be recharged to get a bit more use out of, and some of them can’t be charged and these just get thrown away when empty.


How Much Is A Disposable E-Cigarette?

Vapestick ImageDisposables generally cost anywhere from £1.50 to £5 each. You can get a very decent quality pack of 3 from Vapestick for £9.99, which I think is darn good value. Menthols tend to cost a bit more, but why spend it when you can just suck a mint and vape a normal one at the same time, tastes exactly the same to me! 🙂

By the way, I don’t often have much to do with e-cigars (although I really used to love a Hamlet Cigar in the old days!) but if you are looking for a disposable e-cigar, you can find these online easy enough but you should expect to pay more like £10 at least. Obviously these are bigger devices and more complex in their construction so it stands to reason really.

I hope this has answered some questions you beginner’s might be wondering. Overall I think vaping is such a worthwhile thing to do, especially if you are moving over from a much more expensive tobacco habit, that it’s worth giving yourself a real chance to try some of the better quality examples, and hopefully you will find out (like I did) that vaping is far more enjoyable and better on the pocket by a mile!

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