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How Do E-Cigarettes Harm The Body?

e-cig vapour imageWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes I think it makes sense to do some thorough research about its health effects and this is precisely what I did before I started vaping, and many times since. I thought it would probably save a lot of Brits a lot of time and energy scouring the web, if I publish what I have found over recent years in relation to what effects E-Cigarettes have on our bodies. It makes sense to do such research for any new product that you are going to use, especially those which contains man made chemicals. It makes even more sense for electronic cigarettes because they are related to smoking which is itself a very well-known killer.

As far as I have seen, there are a few common culprits that are blamed for the dangers of electronic cigarettes. Let’s take a look at some of these risks and dangers with an open mind.

Heart Risks

This is a no brainer really because nicotine is known to cause damage to the heart and electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine. So it is clear that electronic cigarettes don’t eliminate the risks involved with the dangers of nicotine because they are just another form of nicotine delivery to the body. You should keep in mind that nicotine patches and gums also don’t eliminate this risk because they too contain nicotine. Saying that electronic cigarettes have heart risks is a way to undermine its main plus point; e-cigs might not be completely healthy but they are much healthier than tobacco cigarettes.
Yes, electronic cigarettes hold the same heart risks as traditional cigarettes but they are much safer than tobacco cigarettes as they don’t contain tar, carbon monoxide and other chemicals present in tobacco cigarettes.

Cancer Risks

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain a lot of the carcinogens present in traditional cigarette smoke but they are not completely free of such chemicals either. We still need conclusive and unbiased long term studies to prove the relation of cancer and electronic cigarettes but some chemicals present in electronic cigarettes and e-fluids have been known to be carcinogenic.

You must remember that a lot of these chemicals are widely present in many man made products such as varnish, paints, cleaning chemicals, clothing, carpets, cosmetics etc. You have to make a judgement call here based on how dangerous these chemicals are and whether the risks outweigh the usefulness of electronic cigarettes for you.


Let’s look at three such chemicals.

bottle of diethylene glycolDi-ethylene-Glycol – 
This is one chemical that has been blamed a lot for being a carcinogenic in electronic cigarettes. It is the same chemical that is used in anti-freeze used in vehicle coolant. It is a well known toxin. In an electronic cigarette it is used to produce the vapour that forms part of the vaping experience.

Tetramethylpyrazine – 
This chemical is present in electronic cigarettes that has been known to cause brain damage in humans. It has been used widely to criticise electronic cigarettes. But you should know that this chemical is also widely present in everyday products that we all take for granted such as, eggs, meat, whiskey, peanuts etc.

Nitrosamines – 
This chemical is known to be a carcinogenic and it is present in the internal components of an electronic cigarette. If the electronic cigarette breaks or someone dismantles it, then exposure to this chemical can cause some health issues.


The Final Word

These health risks related to electronic cigarettes are real but in my personal opinion they have been exaggerated a bit too much by powerful forces trying to stop the success of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are a big threat to tobacco companies and if the past is any indication, big companies like to eliminate threats as soon as possible. We all know that tobacco companies and the government have a pact which has stopped tobacco from being banned despite having been proved to be the cause of millions of deaths every year.

All powerful companies in the world have a control over the governments that protects them from being shut down. So many cases have occurred where public health has been disregarded completely to ensure corporate greed.

I’m not trying to say that all the concerns regarding the risks of electronic cigarettes are false and that they are completely safe. Electronic cigarettes are unhealthy because they contain nicotine but they are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. The rest of the risks need to be studied further and you need to keep in mind the way big corporations fight new competition that threatens to remove them completely from the market.

In the end it all comes down to you. It is your personal choice to make whether you want to use electronic cigarettes or not. My advice is that if you are a smoker then you should definitely go for electronic cigarettes and lower the damage you are doing to your body.