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The Health Debate Continues…

I recently read about (yet another!) new study which claims to prove a much higher ratio of carcinogens in E-Cig vapour than previously thought. It really does seem like a game of tennis.

One side produces a report, like Public Health England recently stating electronic cigarettes could be around 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes, and a month or two later along comes a whole new spider!

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This time it’s a report conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in which they claim to have proven that the vapour from e-cigarettes contains acrolein and formaldehyde, two known cancer-causing agents.

The study looked into, amongst other things, the “thermal decomposition of two common solvents in e-liquids” and found that e-cigarettes released more toxins as the voltages were increased.

E-Cigarette userThis is important for many modern vapers who use the newer high-voltage devices. Several friends of mine have massive e-cig mods, half the size of a house brick! They boast about the (admittedly impressive) massive clouds of vapour they can produce from their devices, but are they harming themselves? I do wonder, I may be a vaper, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have concerns about the whole subject.

In my view, anything which shouldn’t naturally (i.e. according to our natural historical living environment) come into contact with our bodies, is generally wise to consider unsafe. E-liquid is no different. When it comes to comparing it with tobacco, the argument is different to the argument of e-vapour versus fresh air! I have heard people (a lot of people) talking loosely in the street about how much safer e-cigs are compared to tobacco, and every time I hear it I feel a bit concerned. I am not entirely sure why, it just seems a bit hasty to me. The e-cig health debate is a long one, it has been running for a long time thus far, and will run for a long time to come, that is the only thing I am 100% sure of.

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