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V2 Cigs Review

Although V2 Cigs are quite new, having only launched in 2010, it has already made an indelible mark on the world of electronic cigarettes. It has become one of the more sought after brands in the United States and also has received a lot of positive feedback from its users all over the world.

V2 Cigs ReviewLike all other e-cigarette brands, the standard kit contains the following in a well made elegant box with magnetic lid:-

1     Manual Battery

1     Automatic Battery

10    Cartomisers

1     USB

1    Wall Adaptor

That’s quite a comprehensive kit compared to most other brands on the market. The V2Cigs battery comes with many options. You can choose either manual or automatic, you can choose your preferred colour, finish and also from the 3 different sizes and capacities.

When deciding between the manual and the automatic battery you must recognise the real world difference between the two. The manual battery needs to be fired up by pressing the button on the side, this is will make the e-liquid heat up and you take a puff before releasing the button. With an automatic, when you take a puff a sensor activates it. The manual battery gives a better vapour volume compared to the automatic but you have to keep pressing the button every time you take a puff. It is recommended for beginners to try both to determine your preference.

With regards to the size, the 78mm battery lasts longer compared to the 67mm. The batteries are simply made without attempting to look or feel like a traditional cigarette with the unnecessary groves and rings. Even without these, it has a nice quality feel.

V2 Cigs Starter Kit ReviewIf you are constantly on the go, you should get the portable charging case (PCC) which is available in the Standard Plus, Travel and Ultimate Kits. The PCC is basically a portable battery with which you can charge your e-cig without an external power source. Buying it separately will be costly as this case starts at £33.85 and varies according to the size.

Taking everything into account, the battery is stylish and responds very well under normal conditions. The only negative side is the cost of replacing the batteries which start at £15 each.

When it comes to vapour and flavour, the V2 Cigs has a large selection, even Cola flavour! For starters you can try the basic unique flavours like Coffee, Cola, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint, Menthol and Cherry; all of these are medium 12mg strength. Surprisingly the Cola is actually really nice, I definitely didn’t expect it to be! The Cherry and Menthol are also good. As for the tobacco flavour, the Congress and V2 are better than the Sahara, as you get a smoother taste with a mild throat hit while providing good vapour.

Good news for those of you who love to mix and match, you can buy blank cartridges and bottles of different e-liquids. This will enable you to mix flavours and also fill it up with the exact amount of e-liquid you need. Another advantage of buying in bulk is that it works out to be cheaper in the long run, for those of you who constantly need to vape. The pre-filled cartridges are available in a pack of 5 but if you buy in bulk, there are further discounts. The newly released Luiquimax Blanks are quite interesting as the tanks are clear therefore you can see how much e liquid is left.

All in all, the flavours and the vapour volume are outstanding, the favourites being the Congress, V2 Red, Menthol and Cherry. Having the availability of the empty cartomisers and the bottled e liquid is certainly a determining factor for many users.