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Vapestick Clearance – well worth a look

I am not a regular user of disposable e-cigs simply because I have my own recipe for flavoured e-juice now, but I do still enjoy the odd disposable from time to time, especially the menthol ones. This just gives me a bit of a change from my usual (and very sweet) wild berry flavour. It’s a bit like having a mint between smokes, like I used to it in the old days!

Anyway, today I noticed Vapestick are running a great clearance sale and their V2 Disposables are just £1.99, down from £5.99 which was a good price already! (If you click the image you will be taken to a page with the discount, ignore the £5.99 price shown)

Vapestick ImageI don’t know why they are doing this, maybe they just need to clear space in warehousing, they mentioned this in a sale they ran early last year. But who cares why, the point is these are very respectable e-cigarettes, both the original tobacco flavour and their sharp menthol variety are quite palatable for a disposable. And they are being offered cheaper than any (decent) e-cig you will find anywhere else in the UK. Read my full review of Vapestick for a more detailed run down of this device.

Given this pretty huge discount I am grabbing a nice handful of them. Regular vapers turn their nose up at disposables, especially those using “clearomizers” or expensive custom “mods”. I don’t blame them either, they are a far cry from a £150 custom device with your own blend of e-liquids. But, they do have one massive advantage, at least they do for me anyway.

I use these disposables by depositing them in places I might delve into when I am in a squeeze! For instance I keep a brand new disposable (and of course charged) e-cig in the glove box in my car, one under the seat of my motorbike, in my fishing tackle box for when I go sea fishing, and one in my dog jacket (I spend 2 hours a day walking dogs!) I am sure I have one or two in other places I have forgotten about too.

me and the boy fishing

Me and the boy fishing, what a great holiday!

What I like about them, apart from the affordability, is the fact that they are fully charged and ready to go right out the box, and they are factory heat SEALED. For someone who stands fishing in storms and driving sideways rain on a beach for hours on end, that’s really useful. I don’t take my most expensive e-cig anywhere near a sandy beach, it’s just too easy to drop and say goodbye to over £100 (which I did once, and never again!). I do take my £30 clearomizer when I go, but it’s just nice to know I have a charged ecig at the ready if I lose it, drop it, battery runs dry etc.

I used to keep a spare lighter and cigarettes in a water tight bag in my tackle box, that is now replaced with an e-cig I can just unwrap and use if I am ever stuck. I replaced it recently as a friend of mine ran out of cigarettes while we were fishing and after moaning about how much he hates e-cigs (and their users!) for two hours, he was then somewhat humbled when I offered him my emergency disposable, which he pretended not to enjoy but clearly did! He now keeps one in his box like me, but unfortunately is still on the tobacco junk 🙁

clearance VapestickIf you’re into disposables I hope this post has saved you some cash! Or if you are considering vaping for the first time, this must be the cheapest way to find out if it’s for you or not.

I am still away on holiday so I will wish you all a happy new year, speak to you again in 2017 🙂

P.S. Here’s the link again for those Vapesticks

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