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Vapestick Review

Vapestick is one of the biggest UK electronic cigarette brands with a solid reputation amongst UK vapers, myself included. Since its initial inception as a company called Craveaway Limited, it was relaunched in May 2010 as The Vapestick Group under its new controlling share-holder Michael Clapper. A round of applause for him (pun intended :D) as the company quickly positioned itself very much at the forefront of the UK electronic cigarette market.

Vapestick Review ImageTwo possible reasons why the company shot to such great success are firstly that its products were stocked in the famous Harrods Of London store from early 2011. Secondly, around a year later it began marketing its products on the shelves of the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco PLC.

Vapestick UK E-Cigarette ReviewThe original product from Vapestick was the Classic Starter Kit which laid the foundation for development of more variants of electronic cigarettes, developing and innovating product for various different and quite distinct market sectors, from the very cheap end right up to the top end seeking top quality e-cigs at not such a cheap price.

In my experience of their products over several years now, I think you will be hard pushed to find a smoother and more satisfying electronic “smoke”. The only reason you may not agree with me is because you don’t like their particular taste, which is obviously highly subjective as all e-cigarette companies have their own individual take on what “tobacco” tastes like! I found Vapestick’s standard flavour to be far more enjoyable than most of the competition, perhaps with the exception of E-Lites but that is probably just due to the fact that I smoked hand rolling tobacco and not pre-rolled ‘tailor-made’ cigarettes. Most people I know who used to smoke tailor-mades like Benson and Hedges or Lambert and Butler, seem to prefer Vapestick quite strongly, so I suspect this past smoking experience has much to do with tastes when it comes to vaping for the first time.

Just like any other product, the appearance matters a great deal for most people. Vapestick’s packaging gives an almost real sensation of handling an authentic tobacco cigarette. Its appearance and size almost matches that of the tobacco cigarette perfectly, again making it one of those common favourites amongst new converts from tobacco to e-liquid.

The body of the Vapestick e-cig is slender and has the defining look of a traditional cigarette including a gold butt. It is obviously heavier than the tobacco cigarette, but definitely lighter than most other similarly-priced e-cigs.

The big distinction between Vapestick and many other UK Electronic Cigarette brands is found in the fact that Vapesticks glow with a blue LED light instead of red or orange as is normally the case. The reason the company gives for this is that the blue light gives the advantage of showing to any non-smoker out there that you are not really smoking, although that applies to the E-Lites brand too which have a green light. In reality I think the reason is more a marketing choice, and a good one too. If you spot someone in the street or in a restaurant with a blue glow on their e-cigarette, you immediately know it is a Vapestick.

Vigar - Vapestick E-Cigar!

Vigar – Vapestick E-Cigar!

Value for money is high with this brand. The contents of the starter kit give an adequate justification for choosing this brand over many others, purely based on “bang for buck”. For a VAT inclusive charge of £44.99 you get a number of items which come with a signature ‘’V Card’’ that serves as proof of the legality of your electronic cigarette even in places where tobacco cigarettes have been banned, another superb piece of marketing by the Vapestick brand. The items in the starter kit also include two atomizers, two rechargeable batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger, ten refill cartridges in different flavors and nicotine strengths, one carrying pouch and of course, an instruction manual. That’s a lot of gear for the money, especially when you consider some of the other brands don’t give you half of that for similar money.

Vapestick, like all decent brands, abide by rigorous quality assessment programs. Manufacturing is done using the latest technologies using good quality components right down to the e-juice itself. Moreover, once the kit is bought it comes with a thirty day guarantee such that any complaints warrant a replacement or full refund.

Other top rated products from Vapestick include Vapestick disposables going at £5.99 in original and menthol flavors. Superb value for someone who wants to just dip their toe in the vaping water!

Also for a price of £12.79 is the Vigar disposable electronic cigar that delivers 1800 puffs. Like all e-cigs, with zero tar, no ammonia and no carbon monoxide, it gives the ultimate smoking alternative and the refreshing potential to be used almost anywhere you can think of without fear of being attacked by anti-smoking activists! However I wouldn’t go so far as to say there are no health risks at all with e-cigs, as this article demonstrates.

There are very few legal restrictions placed on its usage unlike the traditional tobacco cigarette. Vapestick’s delivery times are probably the fastest I have come across, with the possible exception of E-Lites which seem to get products delivered the day before you buy it :D. In case of any queries or complaints, the Vapestick customer service team does an excellent job too, any problems with their devices or even just questions about vaping in general seem to be welcomed by their friendly team.

Overall this is a well-run company with very good quality standards and a nice tasting product. You could do a lot worse than these e-cigs.

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