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Vapouriz Gemini Review

Vapouriz is fairly new to the market having only been launched in 2011. They have studied the market trends and have produced an e-cig surpassing other more popular brands.

The entry level kit comes in a packaging that feels cheap yet has a professional branding look. It contains the following :-

1    190 mAh Battery

3     Cartomisers

1    USB charger

1    Card E Cig Box

1    Set of Instructions

The 190 mAh battery is well made and feels good. Like all other mini e-cigs, a moderate smoker can get about 2 hours of vaping time. It responds very well providing a smooth draw.

Vapouriz Gemini ReviewAs a rule, mini e-cigs should come with more than one battery, this ensures that the user is not left in the you know what without his/her nicotine fix. This starter kit provides only one battery which will only last about 2 hours between charges. However, you can buy more separately at £8.99 each. Also, the battery is unique to Vapouriz and not compatible with other cartomisers. Another disadvantage is the card case that the e-cig comes with is not sturdy enough to withstand the daily grind.

On the whole, this good quality battery performs very well and last as long as other battery of its size. The disadvantages of this kit are the lack of extra batteries, poor quality card carry case and the lack of PCC.

The Gemini Kit provides 3 cartomisers in different flavours; Classic Tobacco, RY4 Sweet Tobacco and Menthol Fresh; with 1.8% nicotine strength. RY4 Sweet Tobacco is a blend of classic tobacco, vanilla and caramel but the caramel dominates the taste with a mild tobacco on the exhale. The Classic Tobacco doesn’t disappoint however the Menthol Fresh is not as good as some other brands. With 1.8% nicotine strength, all flavours provide good throat hit and vapour volume. The other flavours offered are Strawberry and Bubblegum, which are good for beginners.

It would have been better if there were a variety of nicotine strengths to cater for all types of vapers out there. The cartomisers do not last as long as Vapouriz claims; 40 ‘cigarettes’ worth from one cartomiser. Moderate smokers may get 15-20 “cigarettes” but this depends on how long you take a drag, quantity of e-liquid in the cartomiser and other variables.

On the whole, the flavours provide sufficient throat hits and vapour volume. Even though the favours are limited to 5, it is adequate for beginners to test the flavours. The 40 ‘cigarettes’ worth from one cartomiser claim is inaccurate. Also, the Vapouriz is a bit over-priced in my view.

In conclusion, Vapouriz Gemini e-cigarettes are well built and have good flavours. They will suit beginners but it would be best to get additional batteries. This kit may not be one of the better rated kits but it will be a good beginner’s tester kit. There should be more options provided with the starter kit which should come in a sturdier case. It would be good if they also included another battery or a PCC.