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VGO2 Mini Starter Kit Review – Jac Vapour

Jac Vapour’s products and the company itself have long been regarded as a top quality outfit in the vaping community. With the introduction of their mini VGO E-Cig, their popularity has sky rocketed, for good reason.

jac vapour vgo2 ecig

The VGO2 starter kit has done away with some conventions, and is something of a breath of fresh air in many ways. They have done away with the usual magnetic flip top box and instead they’ve come up with a nifty (and rather cool!) Perspex box arranged in 2 tiers. This pretty little bundle comes with the following items laid neatly inside:-

2     400mAh manual batteries

2     Clear Tanks

1     Lanyard

1     USB Charger

1    Instruction Manual

VGO2 e-cigaretteThe batteries that come with the kit are manual and both are 400MaH in capacity. These measure around 49mm long. You can choose from the 3 different types; rubberised, black or white, or stainless steel. The stainless steel is by far the sexiest choice in my view, and it exudes style and finesse both to touch as well as to look at.

In use the VGO 2 has an uninterrupted flow and is extremely responsive. As with all such devices, when it approaches the end of its battery life, the performance dips a little. You can get 5-6 hours of moderate vaping from one charge which is excellent for a battery this size.

VGO2 tank image

The VGO 2 may be a popular choice among moderate vapers but for those heavy vapers among you, it isn’t weak by any means, and it makes a very slimline backup device or secondary e-cigarette. This is also a perfect choice to use when you are on the move and require something smaller, it fits neatly in the pocket unlike some of the massive devices on the market these days. For those seeking to gradually wean down or lower their intake of vapour, this model is also a good choice due to its seamless adjustment function.

The power button on the battery will only switch on when it is pressed 5 times in quick succession, thus preventing the battery from turning on while in your pocket or anywhere else, conserving power and saving messy accidents or surprises.

On the whole, the battery is extremely impressive for its size, as is the vapour production. The finish, especially in stainless steel, gives it a very polished look and feel. Definitely something to admire when not in your mouth!

VGO clearomizerThe starter kit comes with 2 clear tanks that will hold around 1.6ml of e-liquid. These will give you superb vapour and perform reliably for a long time. It is too bad that the starter kit does not come with e-liquid but you can add it to the order or use some of your preferred concoctions from your vaping cupboard. To replenish the Jac Vapour VGO2 you can get 10-15 refills from £4.79 which is excellent value for money compared to the rest of the market.

Another advantage of the VGO 2 is that although it is small, it is compatible with many other cartomisers available online.  For a smaller e cig you can opt for the 35mm cartomisers, expanding your choices for how much space you want this to take up.

Jac Vapour provides a 14 day money back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions) together with good warranties on their batteries and PCCs. A battery can be replaced within a few days of requesting it from customer services. On that note,  their customer service is very efficient answering all inquiries via email or phone promptly and professionally.

For anyone looking for a well-made, high quality but affordable electronic cigarette, you could do a lot worse than a VGO2 kit.