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Volcano Inferno Review

volcano inferno kit reviewThis USA brand, based in Hawaii, has crossed the Atlantic and has branched out to cater for its European consumers.

Volcano Inferno kit has the following neatly encased in a beautifully designed box:-

2     Batteries (650 mAh & 900 mAh respectively)

1     Tube Tank with cartomiser & drip tip

5     Spare cartomisers

1     15ml bottle of e-liquid

1     Tube sock

1     Wall charger

1     USB charger

The 2 manual batteries, 3.7v 650 mAh and 900 mAh respectively, come in 5 colours red, black, blue, pink and also silver; meeting everyone’s preference. The silver battery has a shiny mirror like finish. The speckled white imprint on top is a good place to hold the e-cigarette.

Strategically located at the bottom of the battery is a USB connector, for recharging, concealed neatly by a screw-on cap. The placement of the brand name is subtle.

As all other manual battery the power button that needs to be pressed 5 times to turn on or off, thus enabling you to conserve energy.

volcano inferno kit reviewThe battery’s performance is faultless, giving a perfect uninterrupted draw. The vaping time for the batteries varies accordingly, depending on the vapers habits. For moderate consumers, the 600 mAh lasts about 7 hours and the 900 mAh about 10 hours. When the battery runs low, all you have to do is unscrew the cap located at the bottom of the battery and plug in the USB cable to a computer. The best part about the Inferno is you can continue smoking while it is being charged unlike some of the other e cigs.

All in all, the batteries’ performances match its good looks, lasting almost a day for those heavy vapers. The power button is a good feature enabling to save power and not forgetting the best feature, you can vape while charging!

The Inferno Starter Kit comes with a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid, commonly known as  e-liquid. You have the option to choose from their 15 different flavours available in 4 different nicotine strength; 0mg, 8mg, 16mg or 24mg. The Tobacco Pure flavour will appeal to those who can’t get enough of tobacco, as it is made with actual concentrated tobacco leaves. This flavour will not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is worth a try as the vaping is good.

The tube tank setup is a bit complicated but with practice you will get the hang of it. The Tube Tank is a 1.5ohm dual coil cartomiser that is within a clear tank. When refilling the cartomiser, you have to partially remove it from the tank and refill it. There is a tiny hole at the base of the cartomiser which constantly saturates the material within it. When the tube tank is 75% full, push the cartomiser up to seal it before inserting the mouthpiece into the cartomiser.

Finally screw in the battery but don’t tighten it too much. If you do, you will have to take apart the tube to get to the cartomiser. You will have a very nifty looking e cig when the tube sock provided is inserted between the tube tank and battery. However this design is not as well made up as the other e cigs, it doesn’t have a quality feel and the Tube Tank moves a little bit when affixed to the battery.

All in all, the variety of flavours provided is good. Even though the Tube Tank setup is a bit complex and moves slightly when placed into battery, it still performs very well.

In conclusion, the Volcano Inferno is not only good looking and has a quality finish but functions superbly. This e cig is prefect for all e cig users from the beginners to heavy vapers. The only thing that may put off the user is the mild movement of the Tube Tank when screwed onto the battery.