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Why I Support CASAA, And Why You Should Too

CASAA stands for Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association.

CASAA BannerCasaa is a non-profit organisation which seeks to raise awareness of, and protect consumer access to reduced harm tobacco alternatives.

Casaa is an American organisation, but in the absence of anything UK-based which comes even close to Casaa in terms of effectiveness, strength, and size, I proudly support Casaa even from our side of the pond! We need to help this organisation grow even stronger, as it is the best and most effective means to protecting our right to vape, yes even here in the UK.

Casaa may be US-based but its power and authority as a respected voice and special interest group will have a heavy influence here and all over Europe too.

You can help support Casaa in various ways. You can donate money to help them continue their work, or if you want to be really useful, you could actually offer your time to help the organisation, you can help with studies and research, you can offer to be one of their “watchdogs”, you can offer their promotional merchandise on your website or in your shop, the list is endless.

casaa action group image

If you are a vaper, if you love your right and freedom to be able to vape freely, when and where you choose, and if you want others to be able to do likewise, PLEASE support Casaa in any way you can. This is the strongest lever we have to resist the might of the tobacco lobbies, and the misguided or ill-intentioned actions of powerful scientific groups would have ulterior motives in finding reasons to limit our access to e-cigarettes.

We must stick together if we want our vaping rights to survive!

Please visit today, and see what you can do to help spread awareness of the important work they are doing on your behalf.

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